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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Offenders - X

The Offenders are more than just a bouncy ska band - they have a profound understanding of punk rock too which makes their sound an engaging fusion of styles that will keep you charmed and open your mind with potent sounds and powerful lyrics that will get you singing along and pumping your fist. The fact of the matter is that after 10 years of hard work The Offenders have been able to release a definitive statement with X that will make listeners smile and draw new fans to their rather unique sound.

While yeah - at times the production can sound a little flat, you don't get to put out six albums in ten years if you're not an absolutely top notch band - and The Offenders are. They have been able to balance a diverse set of sounds on this record and I think that it definitively proves the enduring power of rock and roll. The fact that in the same song you can hear elements of The New York Dolls as well as The Specials, or hell even Streetlight Manifesto is stunning to me and is a huge part of what makes X so god damn enjoyable. Simply put - The Offenders have created a feel good sound that will make you want to dance around the pit.

Jangly and light hearted The Offenders have really gotten to the bottom of things on X and it leaves me excited for what is to come from these rock and rollers. Icons in their own right it's hard to deny a band who speak so directly to the heart. The Offenders know what it means to make you laugh, cry and hurl and that's exactly what makes this whole thing so beautiful. At the end of the day - it's impossible not to fall in love with what this Berlin based group does, so get your dancing boots on and come join in!

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