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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Slimelord - Chytridiomycosis Relinquished


After years of EP's, Slimelord are finally here with their monolithic, incredibly dense debut full length, Chytridiomycosis Relinquished. (Try saying that 3 times fast!) This is punishing, unrelenting and ceaselessly addictive death metal reminiscent of the super dense ministrations of bands like Gorguts or Worm. This record is intense and difficult, but for those of us who really get what this sort of death metal was meant to be about in the first place, Chytridiomycosis Relinquished is a potent offering and one that I think many will be circling back too on their year end lists. 

The compelling thing about Slimelord's work is their ability to combine utterly primal death grunts and breakdowns with much more technical thoughtful playing. These aren't accessible songs, rather they are devastating explorations of the darkest sides of the musical spectrum. The band has clearly put years of work into executing this at the highest possible level. This release has a level of intensity and depth not heard on the previous EP's. Rather it shows us a band who have dug deep within themselves to find a record that is punishingly, and bizarrely heavy. There is something otherworldly about the crushing assault they unveil here. 

Chytridiomycosis Relinquished is a crusher. It's not an easy to understand crusher, but it's a crusher nonetheless. Slimelord understand what it means to create truly pulverizing death metal, and Chytridiomycosis Relinquished is exactly that. It's a record that is going to alienate many and indoctrinate the chosen few. It's a record that leans into brutality but finds ways to balance it with more thoughtful explorations. The gaping maw of this album is hard not to be in love with if you're a death metal devotee. 

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