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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Final Frontier - Iron Maiden

The Final Frontier- IRON MAIDEN
This may be it, this may be the last Maiden album. Steve Harris always suggested that it would be 15 albums before Iron Maiden stopped recording but I sincerely hope this is not the last. While The Final Frontier is no concept album it does show that Maiden still has plenty of firepower and energy to keep itself going for many years to come. There is no softening of the metal as can be seen in some Metallica albums, Maiden is staying true to their hardcore metal spirit. This album is really just Maiden being Maiden.
From the lead track “The Final Frontier” you can tell Maiden is by no means dead. This track has a great sing-a-long feel similar to that of the song “Brave New World” it must be great live. There is the powerful riff driven “El Dorado” and the soulful “Mother of Mercy” which is reminiscent of “Paschendale”. There are several powerful ballads which just make me happy and I love their power. These would include songs like “Isle of Avalon” and “Mother of Mercy” In my opinion the songs “Mother of Mercy” and “The Final Frontier” are not only the two best songs on a very good album but very high on the Iron Maiden best song list. (In the mid 30s perhaps.)
The guitar parts of this album are strong. Dave Murray shows that he still has the power to make very heavy and nice songs. Nicko McBrain (Isn't that a great name?) shows of his drumming stuff n most of the tracks especially some of the faster ones like El Dorado. Steve Harris has a solid showing on bass keeping the songs nice and powerful. Overall the solos are pretty good, not the best we have ever heard from Iron Maiden but definitely fairly good. They are essentially just your average fast and awesome Maiden solo's. The vocal's of Dickinson (I wonder if he is related to Emily Dickinson?) are good and really just have the same power that made him famous.
Overall I really like this album and hope it is not Maiden's last. Everything about this album just screams their name in fireworks. It is so cool and explosive that if this is in fact Maiden's goodbye it is probably the best way for them to say good bye. This album just shows their beautiful musicianship and power. It is hard and heavy and sweaty and smelly just like any good Maiden album. I love this band and I really like this album.
The Final Frontier

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