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Saturday, February 22, 2020

At The Altar Of The Horned God - Through Doors Of Moonlight

This is a masterful one. At The Altar Of The Horned God was conceived as an ode to nature by Heolstor (Mystagos, Alverg) and seems to have only grown from there. This debut offering, Through Doors Of Moonlight is a transcendent and powerful record. It has moment of pure black metal sorcery and odes to wonderfully demonic invocations. At The Altar Of The Horned God seems eager to leap from peak to sonic peak as the band dance Through Doors Of Moonlight to craft black metal that is in depth and beautifully twisted.

At The Altar Of The Horned God is an interesting project because of the groups willingness to embrace both pagan sounds (Prayer II (Oh Glorious Pan)) and the more conventional black metal ideas. The project is of course at its best when Heolstor finds him fusing these concepts into truly intellectualized and fascinating black metal. Still - the set of vibes that the band invokes here is exciting and speaks to unique new directions for the project to go. The simple elegance of the almost tribal drumming counteracted with even the bitterest invocations makes for a record that has very high replay value.

Through Doors Of Moonlight is going to impress the listener because it brings in so many disparate elements and executes eloquently on all of them. Just as I am enamored with the pagan sounds I also love the synths and the drum programming on a track like Perdition In The Oneness. This is a very thoughtful and broad record. It's an album that cries out and shows the world just how the beauty of nature has impacted the artist. Though it is early days for At The Altar Of The Horned God I am very curious to see where this project goes next.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Sign of Evil - Psychodelic Horror

Chilean black metal is a truly special and magical thing. There's always a unique blend of influences that serve to make for unique listening and distinct soundworlds. The debut seven inch from Sign Of Evil, Psychodelic Horror is a perfect example of this with creepy synths and brutarian stomps coming together to make for one hell of a record. The dungeon basement level production and clear dedication to underground ideals serves to make the record dynamic and interesting, a twisted offering driven by its own sense of forward motion.

There is something endlessly appealing to me about a track like 'Horror' with its crazed guitar work and blasting drums. Yes there are elements of psychedelia but the demonic remonstrances of Sign Of Evil go so much further than that. Psychodelic Horror is aware of its own inherent silliness. There's a typo in the album title for Satan's sake! But this is exactly what makes this type of music so valuable - it revels in its own madness and gives fans someting that evokes that inner fifteen year old. Sign Of Evil understand the magic in the metal and that there is metal in us all. Sure this is jsut a seven inch, but it's one that gets to the spirit of the underground.

With nary a single track bleeding over the two minute and thirty second mark, this record is an ADHD kids delight. One idea barely has a chance to sink in before they are off to the races with the next song. Psychodelic Horror may at times border on the primitive, but sometimes primitive is a good thing, sometimes its exactly what you need to remind you that there still is energy and power in the underground. So storming out of Chile Sign Of Evil bring true hate, and I fucking love every moment of it.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Earth Rot - Black Tides Of Obscurity

Oh man - this one is masterful. Earth Rot are a one of a kind band emerging from the Australian void. Their punishing sonic assault is one of a kind and full of meaty riffs. The unyielding sonic assault that they unveil on Black Tides Of Obscurity is vicious, the sort of bloodthirsty madness that seems to only see the band grow stronger with each passing song. The clear savagery painted on tracks like 'Serpent's Ocean' is on par with the madness broadcast by their Season of Mist labelmates Necrowretch and Impaled Nazarene.

The groups brand of blackened death metal definitely errs more on the side of black metal as they conjure up grandiose soundscapes and demonic imagery. Earth Rot conjure up more than just hellish soundscapes though. Tee band has the ability to draw the listener into a sonic journey that they can't help but to adore. As you delve the depths with this band they unveil all manner of twisted realities and seem to revel in the burning wreckage they've crafted here. Incredibly tight and wonderfully thought out - Earth Rot have really reached the next level with what they do on Black Tides Of Obscurity.

Six years of being in a band in the most isolated city on earth is going to make for a unique sound and wonderfully twisted approach. Earth Rot deliver all that and more on Black Tides Of Obscurity as they descend screaming into the pit. the devilish invocations on 'Mind Killer' only prove that this is a truly demented band. Intense, demonic and always willing to go for the throat, Black Tides Of Obscurity is a freakish record and one that demands multiple listens, otherwise you may just get your brains beat out of you.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Destroyer of Light - Generational Warfare

Another year, another awesome Destroyer of Light release. It's hard not to be impressed by a band dropping their eighth release since 2012. In that time the group has grown by leaps and bounds. I've been in touch with them for over half of their career and it's been an honor to get to watch their evolution. That all being said, this latest offering, Generational Warfare, a two song EP featuring a cover of The Cure's classic 'Lullaby' is one of my favorite things that they have ever done. It's a potent offering that reminds us the band is here to stay.

Generational Warfare is an interesting record because it shows us exactly how far the band has evolved. Not only that though, but Generational Warfare indicates massive personal development from the band. Their cover of 'Lullaby' is absolutely masterful. It is the full realization of what the band has been hinting at for years. It's fun, emotional and wonderfully powerful. It's as if in that moment Destroyer of Light fully embrace the band they were destined to be. The other track - 'These Walls...' is a psyched out offering, far from the groups usual doom fare, but definitely an interesting listen. It shows a side of the band we don't often get to see!

In terms of production and execution, Destroyer of Light have grown by leaps and bounds. They eagerly embrace new emotional depths and seem to routinely push the boundaries on what they can really achieve. It means that Generational Warfare is a thrilling listen through and through, a record that leaps from peak to peak and serves as a potent reminder that Destroyer of Light are one of Austin's great heavy bands. It's hard not to be enamored with what they are doing here and the deeper I delve, the more I love.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Malleus - Storm Of Witchcraft

It's interesting to me in a scene that is so often rear facing and obsessed with the past that we rarely get a genuinely great first wave of black metal type band - and then Malleus came along. Their latest offering, Storm Of Witchcraft sits nicely alongside the early works of groups like Celtic Frost and Bathory. It's primitive, monochromatic and wonderfully fucking heavy. When it comes down to it what more could you want from a record that seeks to reflect the beautiful madness of this demented scene?

Storm Of Witchcraft captures the imagination with its proto-black metal grooves and lo fi production. This aesthetic choice makes the record all the more compelling as you find yourself rollicking with the band from peak to demonic peak. There is no groundbreaking new idea here, instead just a band who clearly understand what they love and how to deliver it to their fans. Storm Of Witchcraft is a balls to the wall sonic assault, reveling in its own demonic glory and repeatedly reminding the listener why we fell in love with this music in the first place. It's wonderful to hear a band so ensconced in this twisted aesthetic.

Tracks like 'Blackened Skies' with their Tom G Warrior inspired 'Oogh's' and crushing grooves help to solidify Storm Of Witchcraft's place as a top notch first wave of black metal record. While yes it's clear that the band is using nearly forty years of hindsight to cherry pick some of the best ideas from the genre, this distillation of the sound is authentic and powerful, a testament to all that has made this type of music compelling for so many years. Over the top and gloriously evil, Malleus go straight for the throat.

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