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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Carcolh - The Life And Works Of Death


You've got to love some well executed trad doom. What I find is that the majority of the time, the music isn't well executed but rather just kind of corny or the musicians arent' sufficiently skilled to really pull it off. Fortunately, Carcolh suffer neither of these common failings and instead have crafted a trad doom in the vein of Candlemass and Solitude Aeternus that would be worthy of Skald. This is a triumphant offering and it's a pleasure to really sink your teeth into the bombastic and epic magic of a band who have gone above and beyond.

The first thing that will strike savvy listeners about Carcolh is just how huge the vocals are. They guide the listener through all this madness and delight in their full throated glory. It gives The Life And Works Of Death an inherent sense of drama worthy of the album name. When paired with epic guitars (Especially with the leads on tracks like 'Sepulchre') one starts to get a sense for just how talented these doom merchants are. Their music is epic in scope and a delight to really lose yourself in. How could you not be entranced with the layers of magic that serve to make this such a compelling and fascinating listen? 

This is doom metal executed in the grand old style, relentlessly exciting and constantly searching for a path through the dark. It's an album you can get lost in and one that speaks to a sort of sublime poetry. The musicianship showcased throughout The Life And Works Of Death is truly impressive and it leaves me thirsty for more. In an era where trad doom is so often ignored or forgotten, to have a band building on these grandiose ideas is a delight. Carcolh manage to truly and deeply impress on The Life And Works Of Death. Will you join their ministrations?

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Joey Diabolic - Through Soundwaves Vol IV

I always loved when one piece of art would inspire another in a completely different format. Such is the case with Joey Diabolic's impressive upcoming release, Through Soundwaves Vol 4 which is a loving tribute to the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and the 80s as a whole. Featuring a mix of cover songs and originals, Joey Diabolic seeks to evoke wonderfully bleak ideas on this blood dripping offering. It's a record that builds on classic ideas and reminds us that the unholy spirit of 80s horror will continue to ricochet through the heads of the populace for years. 

Through Soundwaves Vol IV also is exciting in the diversity of sounds presented. While on the one hand you have a surprisingly heavy industrial cover of Judas Priest, on the other you get a distinctly more new wave take on Tuesday Knight. I think it's important to consider the contribution of Mama Doom on this album. She elevates the three tracks she contributes on above and beyond, making them some of the best offerings Joey Diabolic has ever put out. I certainly hope to hear more from that particular collaboration in the future. Through Soundwaves Vol IV really goes to prove how adept Joey Diabolic is at building on a number of classic 80s sounds and it's a delight!

Joey Diabolic has crafted something here that is all but guaranteed to capture the imagination and take you on a creepy ride through 80s shock. While at times the Gen X-isms feel a bit like pandering, in the age of shows like Cobra Kai and Stranger Things isn't this just par for the course? It's a delight to really sink your teeth into the magic of Through Soundwaves Vol IV, even if you, like me, aren't a diehard fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. For those of us who just love industrial music, Joey Diabolic has pulled together something masterful.

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Szary Wilk - Wrath

Now this is a veritable monster. Szary Wilk are a mysterious Polish band playing distinctly mid 90s style second wave black metal. Their atavistic sound and morbid fascination with death is a delight to sink your teeth into. It speaks to a band who eagerly conjure up the dark and seem to revel in the inherent madness of his music. There is a tormented might to the band that will entrance you, and the deeper you delve into the triumphant and twisted ululations of the band the further you go towards understanding the glorious evil within. 

Fueled by pagan fires and capturing the imagination with dynamic and powerful songs, their sophomore release, Wrath is a masterful offering. The ideas here are very much tied into the classic concepts of second wave black metal. However, the bands willingness to constantly conjure up dark new images and drive listeners into the pit is delightful. There is a triumphant sense of torment behind the record that makes for compelling listening. Szary Wilk have really done a wonderful job of dissecting all of the most interesting aspects of this band and refining them into something twisted, triumphant and unrelentingly addictive. 

It's a delight to really sink your teeth into Wrath. For those of us deeply acquainted with this breed of black metal, Szary Wilk have found a unique way to inspire the listener. Their invocations are demonic and powerful, the sort of thing that longhairs across the globe will find themselves falling in love with. Wrath is invincible and immaculate. It's a record that reminds us of something truly magnificent that happened in the past and that new great music can still happen in this style. If you are willing to dive in of course...

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Age Of Woe - Envenom

The blackened punk scene is one I have a lot of affinity for. The sounds of bands like Martyrdod and Lik have really opened my eyes to the sounds some bands can execute if they so choose. Such is the magic of Age of Woe. These songs spit venom and are full of the sort of sublime hate that makes black metal so delectable. Envenom shines because of the breadth of the sound and the overarching sentiment that things will only get worse. The sheer torment on display here is mind boggling and the bands ability to just go for the throat leaves me in awe. 

Age Of Woe's modus operandi is primarily fueled by black metal but the stripped down elements and punishing rhythm section assault makes for a headbanging good time. The blasphemous assault of a track like 'Ljungeld' is a delight to sink your teeth into. There is an overarching sense of bitterness that makes this record such a blast. The mid tempo assault that defines these songs is vaguely brooding. Envenom eagerly drives towards a twisted future for Age Of Woe, and now, three albums into their career it feels like things are starting to really lock in with what is apparently some of the groups greatest material to date. 

It's a delight to lose yourself in the surprisingly well arranged and venom spitting magic of Envenom. Age Of Woe may not be breaking new ground, but in the undernourished world of blackened punk they are another potent voice, fusing ideas and leaving devout listeners like me excited to see what more is to come from the band. Age Of Woe have made a clear effort to expand their music boundaries here and deliver some of their most compelling work to date. To get lost in it is a delight. I am very excited for what's to come.

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Upon The Altar - Absid Ab Ordine Luminis

Pure, unrelenting hate. Upon The Altar are a skull crushing death metal band like few others. This is the sort of raw and primitive blasphemy that makes so many of us fall in love with the genre and become enchanted with the utter bitterness of this music. Absid Ab Ordine Luminis is not a nalbum for the faint of heart. However, for those of us sworn to the kvlt, this is exactly the sort of bile that we eagerly ingest. It's a delight to sink your teeth into the terrifying mministrations the band unleashes here and a delight to spend time with their tormented energies. 

Absid Ab Ordine Luminis is the sort of thing that resonates wonderfully with folks who love groups like Teitanblod or Vassafor. It's got that same filthy swagger that makes those bands so endearing. There's a sort of apocalyptic sensibility that runs throughout this Polish war cry and it fuels the fire of the most destructive tracks. The hyper speed assault of the opening track "Crown Of Weakness" nicely sets the tone for what's to come. Yes, some aspects of the mix are less than great and yes there are moments that feel a bit derivative - but that's kind of the point. People usually don't come to bands on this bands label, Putrid  Cult, for artistic transcendence, but rather to get their faces melted the fuck off.

All I ask fellow pilgrim is that should you feel prepared, you lower yourself into the blasphemous sounds of Upon The Altar. This is the sort of record that pushes well beyond traditional genre expectations, but it's a delight to really sink your teeth into the more twisted ideas behind the music. Absid Ab Ordine Luminis is a rager from front to back and a delight to sink your teeth into, It's high powered death metal hate at its finest and genre devotees will find themselves entranced with the tormented hatespiral.

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