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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Spiter - Bathe The Babe In Bats' Blood


A side project of critical darlings Shitfucker and Devil Master, you know you're in for a good time with the crushing blackened speed metal mastery of Spiter. Their new record, Bathe The Babe In Bats' Blood is a stunner, full of blackeend tropes and twisted imagery keeping listeeners up at night and in awe of the demented darkness of this release. It's exactly the sort of black punk explosion that I think fascinates so many of us and whose bloodthirsty brilliance is going to leave fans in awe of what has been done with the project. 

One of the first things that struck me about this record was the extent to which it really captured the spirit of Hells Headbangers. It has all the tropes that define the best bands on the label, hectic high sped playing, twisted lyrics and lo fi production that gives you a real sense of basement show insanity. Spiter have found a way to craft this sound at a very high level and leave listeners completely in awe of the twisted vision and dark evil behind the music. This is a band who understand the power of the underground and dilute it in a storm of swords, hell ripping metal fury to keep metal nerds obsessed and coming back for more of the same blood drinking brilliance. 

Bathe The Babe In Bats Blood is a brilliant record, an album that ties into so many of the tropes that make this genre great. The blood curdling brilliance behind the album and the high powered destruction that fuels it is mesmerizing. This is blackened speed filth done right, lusting for blood and with a sense of bombast that is going to keep devout fans in awe for years to come. While Spiter may just be a side project for now I think many of us are excited to see if this demented amalgamation of two of the scenes favorite bands can become something more.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Blut Aus Nord - Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses

Blut Aus Nord are back and more avant garde, terrifying and crushing than ever! The French black metal masters unleash a soundtrack to hell on their new record Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses. It's a burning fire of a release that really feasts on the chaos and the darkness within all this music. It's a delight to get really immersed in the madness of the album and to drink the blood that they have spilled. This is black metal done right, forcing you to question your sanity and driving you to the brink . It's twisted, heavy and punishingly evil. 

Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses is a mesmerizing record and one that will see you getting lost in dystopian abysses. There is a sense of shifting and world tilting madness here that feels almost Lovecraftian in scope. This record also feels distinctly more instrumental in its focus than previous releases. The emphasis seems to be on creating vile and terrifying soundscapes that even the most hardened avant black metal veterans will be terrified by. And yet -as demented as some of these sounds are, it's hard to look away. The weird and otherworldly sounds of a track like "Neptune's Eyes" are eerie and alien, exactly what draws me into a record. 

Blut Aus Nord have always been on the bleeding edge of black metal, but this record proves they are years ahead of many of their peers. This is challenging and fascinating music that goes ever deeper in its vision and seems to push the band to exciting new places. Even from the first listen it's clear this record is special. It's a step forward for the band and a suffocating offering that will keep you lost in time. Grab it when it drops this Friday, because if there's one genre bending black metal record you're gonna spin this year, it had better be this one.

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Monday, May 16, 2022

Deathwhite - Grey Everlasting


Deathwhite have been on my radar for a few years now, their unique brand of gothic doom is stunning. Its dark and precisely honed music that will capture the imagination. Deep production, gorgeous sounds and well executed songwriting leaves listeners in awe. It's a magical and potent combination and it makes their new record Grey Everlasting all the more compelling. You can let yourself get immersed in the myriad layers of this album and start to really touch on something greater. The moody vision and bleak vision of this offering is awe inspiring. 

Grey Everlasting is one of those records that weirdly sounds exactly like its title. You can get a sense for the ongoing darkness and the sadness that defines so much of this record. The album art perfect encapsulates this, the highly detailed imagery that sucks you in is indicative of a sound that you find yourself getting lost in and endlessly enamored with. Deathwhite have reached a whole new level on this offering and it's a delight to experience the myriad layers and elegant poetry of what the band has executed here. 

Gothic and atmospheric doom isn't necessarily the easiest of genres to pull off. In fact i's one that more often not comes off as cringy and weird. Deathwhite thuogh find a way to make it work for them. You can let yourself get fully lost in all they have to say and the sorrowful message that echoes across their music. Grey Everlasting is a mind melting and gorgeous offering that will keep you coming back, ever in awe of the triumph that the band has pulled together. Join me and lose yourself in these gray coated waves of sound and continue to experience this sadness.

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Am Himmel - As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow


Now this is an interesting one. Am Himmel (Whose name means In The Sky in German) are a droney black metal band who benefit from gorgerous production and beautiful long form songs that draw listeners in and leave them in awe of all that is done within. There is a sense of eerie transcendence that drives their new record, As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow and it will leave you in awe. This is a record meant to turn on for a Sunday afternoon and vibe out too, to get lost in and to realize that these guys are completely special and in their own unique soundworld. 

This record is deep in its love for the esoteric. Am Himmel shines because of tracks like "The Virgin Wages Celestial War In The Seraphim". It's a burner, a track that leans into the droney elements and avoid the blasts of traditional black metal but instead goes a doomier root. The synths provide a fitting backdrop for this music and let you get swept into the magic. Meanwhile the crushing volume that defines so much of this record allows listeners to get fully ensconced, enamored with the work and left in awe of all that has been conjured up here. There is a meaningful power behind this release that few of the bands peers can really emulate and it's a delight to immerse yourself in the darkness. 

As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow is a thriller any way you slice it. It's a record that emphasizes its most transcendent elements and which continually draws listeners deeper into the soundworld. I'm on my third listen and totally in love with the breadth of the production, it's the kind of record that offers endless gorgeous nooks and crannies for you to taste and fall in love with. The darkness within is tantalizing, and even the droniest moments find ways to inspire and delight. Join me in falling in love.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Christian Death - Evil Becomes Rule


Well - I'm not sure I expected to hear a Christian Death record today, or for it to rule, but I did, and it does. Their brand new record, Evil Becomes Rule is a straight up stunner, a record that speaks to the death rock magic of a band who continue to impress decades into their career. This album sees the band building on classic formulas and proving once more that they are a one of a kind force in the history of the underground, a band who are always going to mesmerize listeners and guide us towards ever weirder passages.

The first thing that really got me about this record was just how well it was produced. There are so many gorgeous layers to the sound here and the quality of the production is impressive. It's a delight to immerse yourself in the gorgeously put together performances here, ranging from the legendary vocal trade offs of Valor and Maitri, as well as off kilter guitar solos, impressive drum arrangements and much more. As a whole though this is a record that is just a delight to listen too, that seems to continually drive towards new heights and speak to the inner darkness of a band who will continually capture the imagination of fans of the underground. 

Evil Becomes Rule is a potent next step for the band. Seven years since their last release, it feels like Christian Death have found bold new heights, even as they age and come to terms with new sides of life. This is a thrilling record and one that I think will leave listeners entranced. Join me in falling in love with the death rock masters all over again as they once more prove that they are a special, indomitable and unforgettable force. This is a stunner any way you slice it and I think you're going to be just as enamored as I am.