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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Age Of Fable - Modern Logos

Now this is an interesting one. I've been following Age Of Fable for a few years now and their distinct take on post rock is interesting. Full of proggy elements and 90s flourishes, this is a band with a unique vision that you are going to keep coming back too. It's the sort of project that really understands some of the wonderfully weird parts of this music and which encourages listeners to really explore whats being done within the genre in the vibrant underground. Their new EP, Modern Logos is a delectable offering yo get lost in. 

What's compelling about this record is its willingness to just sit back and let you play it time and time again as you uncover the myriad layers. Everything from the multi layered production to the conceptual nature of the lyrics definitely bears revisiting. When you have a record htis short too it's easy to swing back around and really think your teeth into what the band has been doing and uncover fun new sides of the music. This is clearly a deep labor of love and there are simply so many sides that you can really dial into. It's just a hint of what's to come form the band though and has me curious to see what they do to evolve it going forward. 

There's a lot to love about this EP, short as it may be. It's another step forward for an exciting act and one which nicely showcases just how much work these guys are doing to really craft something that takes their brand of prog to the next level. With everything from interlocking male and female vocals and gorgeous soundscapes that spread as far as the ear can hear, Modern Logos is a delightful next part of the journey for this band. Join their quest and come to know the power of what prog and post rock can be when cleverly brought together!

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Monday, September 27, 2021

Shy, Low - Snake Behind The Sun

Well this is awesome. Post rock has really been having a moment in 2021 and the latest offering from Shy, Low, Snake Behind The Sun is a stunner that really speaks to the talent of the band. This instrumental record is bombastic and fun, with interlocking layers continually proving just how special this band really is. It's a delight to get lost in the magic of this band and the way that they manage to continually one up themselves, showcasing delightful new sides to the sound and painting sonic highways for us all to get lost on. 

One of the things that I find really compelling about this release is the use of melody. They are soaring and powerful, sitting nicely on top of a driving rhythm sction that continually seems to push further and uncover ever brighter horizons. The entire record is quite the journey and as you ride along with the band you see yourself transported through a potent cycle of emotional phases. There is simply so much to sink your teeth into on Snake Behind The Sun and the more tie you spend with it the more clear the scope of this bands achievement is. It's exactly the sort of record to keep listeners fascinated and entranced with the layers of crystal clear sound. 

Snake Behind The Sun is a delicious record that really encourages listeners to come back time and time again. There is a wondrous scope to the release and immersing yourself in it is delicious. This is what post rock was meant to be about, epic soundscapes that seem to splay out further than the eye can see or the ear can hear. It's a record that transcends the genre and which quite frankly any fan of music should be able to enjoy. Shy, Low have outdone themselves here and letting yourself get lost in their efforts is a real privilege. 

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Iskandr - Vergezicht

This is a powerful one. Iskandr are a one of a kind force in the underground, and this latest offering, their fifth release since 2016, is masterful. There is a real sense of poetry in the larger than life ministrations of their new record, Vegezicht. This is an offering that leans into the grandiose and bombastic with high flying compositions that capture the imagination, and dungeon delving epics that leave you questioning your sanity. In other words it's a black metal nerds black metal record, and one you won't soon forget. 

Vergezicht impresses because of how it pulls from a whole variety of influences. There are classic black metal moments, but also parts that shine brightly under the influence of Neurosis or even King Crimson. It's this willingness to bring in a variety of ideas and to shine forth that really helps to make this such a compelling record. Yes, much of it can be very challenigng and dense, but the more time you spend with it the more Iskandr's unique vision becomes clear. This is black metal done with a different sort of take. It's a record that is proud of its diverse influences and which uses them to drag us all to hell.

Iskandr is an immensely talented band who are pushing the genre into bold new heights and the more you uncover within their legend the more it becomes clear just how spectacular a group this is and exactly why we need to be paying attention to their latest ministrations. Vergezicht is an emotive and thrilling record. An album that continually morphs and folds in upon itself suggesting exciting new layers to the band. Capturing this magic and falling in love with the vision time and time again is the pleasure of the record.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Doedsvangr - Serpents Ov Old

Man you have to love black metal that really leans into the core 'Fuck the world' bloodthirsty mentality that made the genre such a force in the first place. Such is the case with Doedsvangr, a supergroup featuring members of Nordjevel, Sargeist, The Order of Appolyon and Tsjuder. The end result is a crazed record full of swagger and gloriously satanic hedonism .The manic madness and demented sense of fun that defines Serpents Ov Old is delightful, making for a potent second record from these black metal madmen. 

While Serpents Ov Old is certainly not reinventing the steel, it does play nicely on all manner of classic tropes. The willingness to go for the throat and the multilayered madness that defines a track like "Imperialis" is a lot of fun. It's hard not to be charmed by the trademark stomp and classic vibes of these songs. The bands willingness to go faster than over the top and pay clear tribute to old gods like Mayhem or even Venom is delightful. This is a record that is very aware of black metals rock and roll roots and evokes some of the most wonderfully dark elements of that sound for us all to sit back and delight in. It's triumphant. 

Doedsvanger understand what it takes to make compelling and addictive black metal. This is music that revels in its willingness to spit in the face of god and which seems to consistently impress with its devilish remonstrances. Serpents Ov Old is addictive listening for metalheads who want to lean into the madness of it all. With bombastic song titles like "Black Dragon Phoenix" and "Poisonous Tides" you know exactly what you are getting. Pure and unadulterated black metal fury that will keep you coming back into the pit. Let's go. 

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Zaqqoem - Anarchic Rapture Of Withering

Anarchic Rapture Of Withering is an absolute skull crusher of a record from Zaqqoem, who were recently signed to Sentient Ruin, a label that has a reputation for finding absolute skull crushers. A product of the flourishing Dutch black metal scene, this offering is terrifying in scope. Anarchic Rapture Of Withering is an absolute monster of an album, digging into listeners skulls and forcing them to choke on the bitter pill of unreality. This is black metal executed at an extremely chaotic and twisted level, and one that I can't help but to love. 

Zaqqoem fascinate because of the breadth of their compositions and the overarching vision that fuels tracks like "The Serpent Dream Of Abrazakyz". The dedicaiton to chaos and disorder that shapes this offering is addictive. The band has found a way to really gnaw at your sanity and force you to come to terms with layer upon layer of crushing distortion. It's the sort of wonderfully evil and deranged offering that can't help but to charge bloodfreaks like myself. If you're interested in the most extreme edges of black metal where music runs into noise and the riffs are at times barely intelligible then this is the record for you. 

So yes, Anarchic Rapture Of Withering is certainly not a record for everyone. In fact most will probably find this record alienating and difficult, but that's the point. This isn't a record for most people, its a record for a select cabal of weirdos who love this sort of thing. Who have dedicated countless hours to understanding the outer edges of the genre and learning to love its myriad twists and turns. If you are like me and fascinated with these sorts of unique frills, then this is the record for you. And if not... move on I guess.

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