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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Karma To Burn/Sons Of Alpha Centauri

A seven inch that features two killer instrumental stoner metal bands, this split between Karma To Burn and Sons Of Alpha Centauri is powerful, and at times almost meditative. Evoking old school magic there is something inspiring here, bands who take tried and true formulas and craft them into something a lot darker and more poignant, yet also strangely mesmerizing. The beauty in this split, from both bands, comes not from the technicality of the music but the wonderfully unique ways the songs are structured.

As you dig into this record it's easy to see that Sons Of Alpha Centauri could very well be the next Karma To Burn. While Karma To Burn have had their powerful stoner rock sound locked into a groove for years now, no one (With the possible exception of French rockers Abysse) has been able to create something similar until now. Sons Of Alpha Centauri have a sound that is almost progressive in nature. The way these guys craft their tracks to inspire the listener and guide them on a sort of quasi-spiritual journey is actually really cool and more than proves the raw potential that this band has.

At the end of the day, this is the kind of split that can guide you off to sleep and into a strange new beautiful world. The thing with records like this is that you can spin them again and again, 7 inches are like potato chips, they're strangely addictive, the kind of thing you can just get really into and then 15 spins later realize you just spent the last two hours listening to this record. So go out, give it a spin, and revel in the simplistic majesty that has for so long defined both of these acts and made them truly great.

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Karma To Burn:

Sons Of Alpha Centauri:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Inquisition - Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer

Buzzing along in their wondrously Satanic black metal witchery, Inquisition only ever got better with time. Now I have the honor of reviewing Season Of Mists re-release of 2004's epic ritual, Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer. The sheer atavistic madness of this record goes out and tears apart everything many modern day black metal bands stand for. Sure, I saw Behemoth last night, but Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer takes all of the magic of a band like that and throws it away in favor of an all out oppressive attack.

There is something strangely endearing about the over the top titles of these ritualistic masterpieces. Yet as you fall into the strange soundworlds painted by these songs it's hard not to be reminded of the old masters who crafted pieces of similar length and majesty. Sure these songs may be viewed as oppressive, yet they conjure the same demons that many Romantic-era composers became obsessed with.  This is a record that may be alienating at first (especially because of the distinctly Inquisition-esque vocals) yet in the end it is immensely satisfying. It allows for meditation on the darker side of life and liberation through swift death.

At the end of the day, Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer is still kind of shocking, it is incredibly unique and at times inspiring. It draws the listener to face a bold future and come to a realization that black metal is more than just music but instead a whole liberating ideology, one that will guide you forward and show you the future of mankind as we all prepare to plunge into the next world. So let these songs ring out and pray that when the ritual once more commences you are not offered for the unholy slaughter.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tellus Terror - EZ Life DV8

Every once in a while I manage to tear myself away from Luke Bryan and listen to some good old death metal. It's rare though that I find a band who deal with such grand concepts as Tellus Terror. A band who craft extreme music that has a sense of grace to it their new record EZ Life DV8 is a telling step forward for the band, seeing them crafting artful and oftentimes proggy pieces that inspire the imagination. Death metal that dares the genre to reach a new level, Tellus Terror are on the brink of something exciting.

There are a lot of fascinating layers on EZ Life DV8 that really get you thinking. The way the synths are brought in to pad out the mix, and the way in which the more melodic lines slot in nicely under oppressive assaults from the rhythm guitars is magical. It makes you realize the depth of the travail that went into this music. Playing what they call Mixed Metal Styles Tellus Terror have been able to conceive a sound that is distinctly their own, wholly fascinating and seemingly destined to keep music dorks like myself contented for many a spin. This is a band who fully embrace the farthest reaches of death metal and give you the power to face a brave new day.

As they rapidly rise to the top of the Brazilian metal heap I get the sense that Tellus Terror are only going to become more intimidating and immaculate. There is a sense of artistic perfection that permeates this record and almost compensates for its 57 minute run time. Sure, these songs are all solid, but after a while, I will admit it gets old. Nevertheless, if you want a glimpse at the future of death metal. With nearly a hundred thousand facebook fans and a very professional approach to the business side of things, these guys seem destined to go far. 

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Incinerate - Eradicating Terrestrial Species

There is something rather satisfying about Suffocation-esque face melting death metal replete with oppressive grunts and spiralling riffs. Incinerate have managed to carve out the kind of throat ripping death metal madness that leaves a pint of blood on the floor and forces the listener to wonder what the hell is going on in these guys lives. With their new record they have managed to take their distinct brand of old school death metal to the fore, crushing listeners skulls and forcing you to reconsider your place in this twisted society we have crafted for ourselves.

The way that these guys go all out for the duration of the record is impressive. Yet there is actually a method behind the madness. These are songs that smash your face into the ground, yet also give you a moment to breather with dark and oftentimes intimidating atmospherics. It maeks sense that Incinerate would be able to produce such an oppressive masterpiece. These are songs not of innocence but experience, there is something suffocating the music, forcing you to contemplate the fucked up reality we all face. See, these guys have been at it for years now, they understand what it means to create pure fucking death metal slaughter.

At the end of the day, what can you do but bang your head until you're all dead to the sound of metal that is glorious and pure. These are songs that have a manic dedication to all that is unholy. The grim and wondrously satanic magic of these tracks thunders proudly on. Sure, it may not be for everyone, but these Minnesota death metal gods have managed to put together years of work into something magical, something that will grind you into dust and inspire you to look at death in a strange and enlightening new way.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Shroud Eater - Face The Master

What I love about two song EP's is the way you can spin them again, and again, and again and they just don't get old. Shroud Eater, the demented Motorhead derive Florida sludge masters have put out such a release. A record that will crack your skull with primal heaviness and a wonderful touch of evil. These guys are all that sludge needs to be, and when they drive their way into your skull you find that there is no escape from the strange and punishing two song assault that this band has brewed up for us.

The magic of Face The Master lies not only in the punishing riffs but also the touches of atmospherics that help to keep things interesting. Shroud Eater have markedly improved since their last release, building on a triumphant formula that seems like it will never fail. These are songs that summarize the beautiful brutality of life and shove your face into the dirt. Shroud Eater grab you by the hair, beat your head into a wall, and then make you beg for more. These guys understand what it means to craft music that transcends mere sludge and speaks to the truest and most poignant of human emotions.

So let these songs wash over you, sure there's only two fo them, but Shroud Eater manage to say more in under ten minutes of music than a lot of bands can say on whole albums. This is a band who are breaking boundaries and have pioneered exciting, beautiful new ideas for their art. Shroud Eater get what sludge can be and seem destined to force fans to think greater. There is a very clear sense of beauty that permeates the work, beyond the generally abrasive qualities that show up on the surface and it speaks to the ethereal triumph of Face The Master.

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