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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Siderean - Lost On Void's Horizon

Sometimes it takes a name change to really understand that a band has taken it to the next level. Such was the case for Siderean whose new record, Lost On Void's Horizon is a veritable masterpiece, a truly exciting record that captures the imagination and hints at much more to come. There is a breadth to these compositions and an excellence in the work that makes for some truly compelling and exciting music that will keep devout listeners entranced and eager to delve into the next blasphemous layers of this projects grander vision. 

Lost On Void's Horizon is a masterful and exciting record. There are countless immaculate layers on this album and the deeper you dive the more clear it becomes just how talented these guys are. Lost On Void's Horizon is the sound of technical death metal pushed to spiraling new heights. The immaculate playing and prog fueled riffs on tracks like "Sidereal Evolution" really speaks to just how talented these guys are. There's a whole swath of unique ideas and emotions that serve to make this music special. The deeper you unpack the layers and come to terms with what's being done here the more it becomes clear that they are one of a kind. 

Suffice it to say, Edged Circle Productions have found another winner. Siderean routinely push themselves above and beyond on this offering to craft some truly admirable and exciting progressive technical death metal. There are feats of musicianship that leave you scraping your jaw off the floor and an overarching vision that can't help but to impress any fan of underground music. So strip back the layers and fall in love with the madness. Lost On Void's Horizon is an early contender for death metal AOTY.  

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Phantom Fire - Return of the Goat

This is a really fun one. The Bergen black metal scene has conjured up all sorts of great music over the last thirty five years, and Phantom Fire is the latest in this proud tradition. Return Of The Goat is an exciting and dynamic 7 inch full of distinct musical twists and turns that set it in a league of its own. This is the magic of black metal at its finest, delivered full throttle at a million miles per hour. It's hard not to be charmed by the bombastic drums and over the top performances that define this curt little offering that hints at more to come. 

Return Of The Goat defines itself by its larger than life swaggering majesty. The raw energy and tight knit power of the record and the way it shines on the title track especially really speaks to just how good Phantom Fire are. The chainsaw guitars and tormented vocals really speak to the power of the understated arrangements. They blaze forth with a sort of crazed energy that fascinates and delights listeners. It's exactly the sort of thing to keep you headbanging through even the darkest of times, because Phantom Fire can't help but to reflect on them. 

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Archaeopteris - Vision Chaotiques D´un Songe Hallucin√©


No one does dissonant black metal like the French. Archaeopteris's debut EP, Vision Chaotiques D´un Songe Hallucin√©, adds even more proof to this point. This is the sort of record that is twisted and powerful, full of demonic invocations and hints at a more twisted future. There is something you can really get lost in with this record and the tormented ideas and unique imagery that adorn the album make for something utterly mesmerizing. While this may not be for casual listeners, fans of Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord will be entranced. 

There is a certain twisted poetry behind the two tracks that make up this 16 minute EP. With synth frills and devastating guitar riffs, there is something weirdly progressive about what Archaeopteris have crafted here. Within that though there are moments of such sublime dissonance that it almost becomes hard to understand why one would ever return to traditional harmony. Still - Archeopteris are early in their career and there are moments where it shows. Not every idea is perfectly executed, even if the overarching vision is exciting. Vision Chaotiques D´un Songe Hallucin√© is the soundtrack to a unique hellscape, and I love it. 

Archaeopteris have gone above and beyond on this offering. It's a record that ties into a lot of the traditional ideas within a very untraditional genre, but also one that seeks to push the boundaries. Those of us who listen to dissonant black metal will find common touchpoints, but it's of course interesting to hear as a band push over the top and strive for a different and all the more twisted future. Immersing yourself in the hate is a delight, and few bands really unveil this level of insanity the way Archaeopteris do.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Niadh - Our Victory Is Eternal

Now THIS is true black metal. The Colombian metal legion, Niadh have been capturing the imagination of the underground for years now. Their debut full length, Our Victory Is Eternal is a masterful offering and one that really reflects the pure brutality of the music down there. There is simply so much to sink your teeth into with this release, from their triumphant Norwegian black metal influences to the flares of Judas Iscariot. Full of medieval vibes and eerie compositions, this is the sort of grandiose black metal that can't help but to fascinate. 

Our Victory Is Eternal is proud to reflect on all manner of black metal tropes. They nicely reflect the twisted magic of the genre and play into ideas that have been made classic for a reason. While there are no real sonic surprises on this offering, it's still a record that I think many devout fans will enjoy. It's the sort of wonderfully put together stuff thata reminds you why you love this music and why it works so well. Also important to note is that the production quality of Our Victory Is Eternal tends to be a step above the other bands in the South American scene right now. While it's not great sounding, this is definitely a much more pro offering than many of the bands compatriots. 

Niadh have done a wonderful job of diving into a lot of the tropes that make us love this music and crafting something truly exciting and passionate. This record shine in its ability to just capture the imagination and continually drive forward the groups overarching mission. Not a lot of black metal bands have the same sense of demented poetry that these guys so eagerly bring up. It's always exciting to hear new flames rising from the South American scene and the more time I spend unveiling its layers the more enamored I am. 

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Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Vulture - S/T

You've got to admire a band whose only descriptor on their Bandcamp page is 'We play death metal.' At that point you really know what you're going to get, and by god do The Vulture deliver with their self titled debut EP. This is the sort of balls out, pure ferocity that helps to make death metal such an exciting genre in the first place. Sure The Vulture aren't reinventing the steel, but that's hardly the point. The point is that this is go for the throat death metal that really speaks to a sound that is unapologetic and utterly crushing. 

There is an intensity to tracks like 'Time To Burn A Body' that I don't think many of the bands peers can really emulate. Sure, the production can get a little muddy here and there, but that's honestly part of the appeal of the record. Another highlight is the profoundly chunky riffs. There's a real girth to them you don't find in much modern death metal. This is a distinctly modern album with production that feels a bit dated. It gives the entire thing a unique vibe and actually has me curious to continue unpacking the myriad layers of blasphemy within this offering. It's really a blast to pick apart and come to terms with the demented offerings within. 

The Vulture prove themselves as competent death merchants on this EP. While it's not mind blowing, it's certainly a record that will crack skulls and sate the interests of death metal addicts around the globe. It's a delight to really embrace the crush of this band and experience the punishing commitment to volume that drives this project forward. Though this is just an EP one gets a great sense of just how good this band is and it leaves you curious to unpack a few more layers. There's a lot to spend your time with on this record, and it is most certainly worth a listen.