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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rumors Of Free Lunch - Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back

Rumors Of Free Lunch is the sort of balls out punk rock that you can't help but to love. With a sneer on their collective face and a willingness to crack your skull in, their new record Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back is the sort of rock and roll assault that reminds us again and again why we got involved with this in the first place. Sure it's five minutes you'll never get back, but Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back can't help but to be a hell of a time from top to bottom and back to front. It's an addictive listen you can't really escape.

Part of the beauty of this record to me is that because it's only five minutes long it's impossibly easy to get through and then spin time and time again. From the militant assault of the opening bars it's immediately apparent that the Black Flag inspired madness of these New Jersey punks isn't going to let up. Blasting forward with raw guitar tones and half shouted vocals, Rumors Of Free Lunch remind us that no matter what you can find a sense of absolution in the punishing and oftentimes terrifying assault of a band who seem incapable of giving a single fuck. This is a group who get what punk rock is meant to be about.

So as you find yourself jamming Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back for the umpteenth time it becomes clear that Rumors Of Free Lunch may have a limited discography but every second of it is a fun filled rock and roll explosion. This is the sort of ballsy music that we need in order to transcend in this cruel world. They tap into every side of the punk rock explosion in order to refine something that feels like everything you could possibly want from a punk rock record, kicking in your teeth and breaking your face.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Alunah - Solennial

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Alunah are one of those bands who have been rumbling their way across the doom metal underground for years now. Their latest offering Solennial, currently out on Svart Records is eight tracks of doom metal bliss, ebbing and flowing and using massive rolling riffs to help you get lost in a beautiful drone. Solennial is the sort of album that encourages you to navigate deep forests of sound and come out reveling in the sheer power that this music has created. There is a very distinct vibe to the band and it permeates this entire release.

I think one of the things that really interests me about Alunah is that even though they use most of the standard female fronted stoner doom tropes their music remains entrancing. Maybe it's the haunting almost Windhand-esque quality of the vocals, the fuzzed out grungy solos or just the sheer quality of the guitar tone, but there is something with Solennial that you can really sink your teeth into and get a lot of joy out of. Alunah resonate deep within your heart, crashing their way forward with warm production luring you in, step after step. Toss in some top notch songwriting and it becomes very hard to turn away from all that is happening here.

This is the rare stoner doom band who have cracked the formula and are able to bring enough of themselves into the mix, with their witchy and classically inspired vibes in order to make something unique and powerful. While you certainly hear elements of everyone from Windhand to Subrosa by way of Witch Mountain you can't help but to be charmed because all of those bands are fucking awesome. Alunah prove here that they are among the titans of the genre and in many ways drivers in their own right.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Staunch - Impulse To Destroy

When I first found out about Staunch I just sort of viewed them as 'My buddy Mitch's band' and gave it no further thought, I'm ashamed to say I didn't take the time then to dig in to what is now rapidly becoming one of my favorite crossover hardcore/thrash bands. This is a group who combine the emotional power of hardcore with a sort of crusty Neurosis-esque magic and toss in a healthy dose of American thrash metal in order to create something dynamic and exciting that is hard to truly wrap your head around. 

Impulse To Destroy is the sort of hardcore record that banks heavily on emotions and creating a potent sonic landscape for the music to play out over. Staunch revel in huge atmospheres, devastating hardcore beats and two step rhythms. The sense of balance that you find within this band, ranging from distortion laden arpeggios to stomps worthy of Inside Out is delicious. It reflects the true and very potent anger of Staunch, their tight rhythms are the sort of thing any hardcore kid can lock into emotionally and find salvation in. Staunch guide you into the pit and then make you cry, what's not to love?

These guys have been grinding away at refining this rather unique sound for years now, their songwriting is totally on point and the vision is incredibly clear. To say that Staunch is a step ahead of 99% of other hardcore bands would be an understatement. The way that they are unafraid of incorporating disparate elements into their music never fails to impress and it makes me desperate to see them live. They get what hardcore is supposed to be about, and rather than coming off as derivate we find them to be innovators. 

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Samsara Blues Experiment - One With The Universe

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My main memory of Samsara Blues Experiment is doing shots with them at noon on a Friday at Hellfest. All those years ago the guys proved to be a stunning live band with a potent vision, a notion only reaffirmed on their latest record, One With The Universe. This is the sort of record that takes primarily instrumental, jam oriented stoner rock and pushes it to a whole new level. Samsara Blues Experiment's unique compositions, swooping vocals and dynamic drums can't help but to stun, and stun they do for this albums nearly fifty minute run time. 

With every record this band puts out the band comes closer to realizing their full and transcendent vision. The inherently meditative nature of their music shines from tip to taint, with luscious sounding tracks that allow you to float across waves of music. Despite the band being only a three piece they are able to have an amazing amount going on in any given song, speaking to their sheer talent. The quality of the production has no true par, every musician is given a chance to shine and nothing seems out of place or wonky. In music as out there as this it can be easy to lapse and mess up the mix, but something about One With The Universe is remarkably consistent. 

These long form tracks are the sorts of musical masterpieces that you can totally lose yourself in. Be it in the potent solos or dominant singing you also find a certain air of authority and confidence that was never touched on in previous compositions from the band. Samsara Blues Experiment have seen their star ascending for years now and One With The Universe is nearlythe completion of that trajectory. This isn't an album that you can digest in a mere one or two listens, but it certainly is one that can follow you throughout life. 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Blame God, Crypt Rot and Like Rats at Lucky 13 Saloon

Lucky 13 Saloon is a pretty magical place. It's a spot that seems made for death metal, from its skull encrusted doorway, to the posters that wallpaper the room and the countless knick knacks that make the venue so special. Oh and the go go dancers. That's definitely a plus. The point being, though I missed the first band, Chepang, I had a chance to spend an evening with three of the most wonderfully vicious death metal acts out there making for a show that couldn't help but to be incredibly fun.

Blame God came on representing the hardcore and powerviolence youth crew with an impressive array of fans and a devastating set. While they certainly at times felt a bit derivative of bands like Nails or even Weekend Nachos they put together a respectabe performance. There is a certain manic and destructive youthful energy that defines their sound that helps to make them a potent live act. The sheer anger found within is impressive and kicked off a squad of hardcore dancers. I'm curious to see how these guys develop with increasingly exciting songs and an ever tighter set. You can't help but to hope they represent the future of the genre.

The highlight of the evening for me was Crypt Rot. Coming out in corpse paint reminiscent of Abbath and matching vests the band delivered 35 minutes of unapologetic, utterly destructive, take no prisoners death metal. They are the kind of death metal band who understands that this music still demands a live show and they don't hesitate to give it to you. Playing a set replete with manic solos, fierce chugs and constant headbanging they reflected everything I love about this music. As much as I might feel tired and jaded with the genre, every once in a while a band like Crypt Rot comes along and blows my fucking head off. You gotta love it.

Finally it was time for Relapse Records very own Like Rats, featuring of course Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos fame. Their brand of slamming death metal tour the crowd limb from limb. There brutarian chugs and crushing breakdowns reminded us where we all came from. As much as Like Rats might be a metal band they are unafraid of acknowledging their hardcore roots, making for music that takes you back to VFW halls. Their performance was confident and brash, crunching from start to finish and guiding the crowd in ferocious headbanging as we were pummelled by riff after riff after riff.

And so the night came to a close, another soiree of evil fucking death metal defined by friendships made, battles fought, and in this case, strippers tipped. In a hot and sweaty room as small as the one at Lucky 13 going to a show can sometimes be a sort of challenge, but at the same time I don't think I would have it any other way. Death metal is a unique thing in this world and attracts some pretty unique fans. If you can't get behind a crushing breakdown, a devastating guttural or a wicked solo then this just isn't for you.

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