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Thursday, June 13, 2024

ColdCell - Age of Unreason

ColdCell are an atmospheric black metal band from Switzerland who have piece by piece found themselves to be an institution within that scene. Their take on the genre is ambitious and exciting. This is a band who understand the magic of the genre and the fresh, thrilling diversity it can encapsulate. Their new album, Age Of Unreason is the bands first in three years. but it sees the group taking some serious musical steps forward and ensuring that this latest offering stands as some of their best, and most exciting work to date. 

Age Of Unreason is in so many words a triumph. It's a record that helps to widen ColdCell's sound and showcases just how special this band is. The soaring female vocals on "Meaningless" are a highlight, transcending so many of the bands peers and taking their music to a whole new level. Counterbalancing that with furious tremolo picking and relentless blasts only gives the song that much more dynamic power. This is the magic of ColdCell. They craft vast, unforgiving but beautiful sonic landscapes, making for a sound you can't help but to fall in love with. It's a dream come true for devotees to the world of atmospheric black metal. 

This is a truly interesting and intricate album, an album that really demands multiple listens and which serves as another gem in the AOP Records crown. If you're looking for an atmospheric black metal record that goes above and beyond in expanding the sound whilst staying true to the core vision of the music, then there is every reason you will enjoy this. With gorgeous vibes, intense songwriting and a clear vision, ColdCell reach beyond.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Servants To The Tide - Where Time Will Come To Die

Where Time Will Come To Die is a helluva album title. It's a perfect reflection of the music within though. Servants To The Tide first turned head in 2021 with their self titled debut, and this follow up three years later sees the band taking their brand of epic doom metal to bold new heights. The tough edges of the debut have been largely smoothed out and now the band returns with a grandiose sophomore release that showcases all the hard lessons learnt. This is a potent and borderline transcendent record, an album that goes above and beyond, guiding listeners ever deeper into the magic. 

Servants To The Tide shine because they know the exact genre and tropes they are serving and lean into them with aplomb. Tracks like "Towards Zero" feel larger than life and play a part in a larger narrative ranging from the big bang to the slow, painful heat death of the universe. The end result is a record that borders on transcendence and can't help but to thrill. It's a record that will draw you in, even if the band still hasn't outgrown the occasional clunky vocal performance or rough songwriting choice. That being said - for those who love modern epic doom, it's hard not to be impressed with what's been done here and the level of growth the band has shown. 

Let yourself get lost in the doomed reveries of Servants To The Tide and prepare for more wizardry to come from this band. Where Time Will Come To Die is grandiose and dramatic, but you have to applaud its level of ambition. It's a record that leans into so much of what we love about the best doom metal and which gives the band plenty of breathing room to put their own take on things. Servants To The Tide are going to sweep you up and give you a chance to get lost in the magic with them. Be sure to pre-order a copy before it drops next month. 

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Monday, June 10, 2024

Mourners Lament - A Grey Farewell


The South American death doom scene is a powerful, beautiful thing. There is something undeniable about the magic of that community. Mourners Lament is the latest addition to this pantheon of bands, and their new record, A Grey Farewell is an out and out stunner. This is a death doom record that gets to the heart of the genre, with surprisingly beautiful compositions, deeply emotional performances and long form songs that draw you deep into the bands uniquely powerful and skull shattering sound world. What's not to love? 

A Grey Farewell shines because of the breadth of the performances. The synth padding provides a fitting back drop to low 'n' slow death doom riffs that drag you by the hair into the pits of hell. There is a wonderfully abyssal quality of the music, and the bands ability to use melody to claw at the heart strings is delectable. The ongoing minor key threnodies and pained vocals allow for listeners to get even deeper into the immaculate vibes of this record. While there are certainly a few moments where the lo fi production works against the band, as a general rule it makes A Grey Farewell feel like more of a forgotten treasure to be cherished. 

Mourners Lament are a potent force and it's hard not to be thrilled with the vision that they have laid out for us on this album. The band leans into so many of the best death doom tropes and encourages listeners to find themselves ever more immersed in the bitter darkness of this album. A Grey Farewell is a record like few others, and letting yourself understand the mournful magic of what Mourners Lament has done here is a heart rending pleasure. 

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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Qaalm - First Light Of The Last Dawn


This is an interesting one. Qaalm are atmospheric doom metallers from Los Angeles and their new EP, First Light of the Last Dawn is a fitting next step in their progression as a band. Where there debut full length Resilience & Despair seemed to rely on bone crushing heaviness, this new offering brings in touches of black metal and prog rock to turn heads. Of course - rounding out the release with a cover of the Black Sabbath classic "Heaven and Hell" only adds to the magic of Qaalm are doing here. This is a potent release, one that leans into the influence of bands like Neurosis and Agalloch, but finds a way to make it their own.

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Friday, June 7, 2024

Zerre - Scorched Souls


Man - this is a ripper. One of the interesting things in a post Power Trip world where hardcore and thrash merge all the time is all the directions the genre has since taken. Zerre are a really interesting example of this, with their new album Scorched Souls taking elements of bands like Power Trip and infecting them with a healthy dose of 80s magic. This means big solos, mosh parts and lots of headbanging. There is something infectious and fun about the magic of Zerre and their take on what 80s thrash can be in the modern context. 

Scorched Souls is a helluva album. It's fun. It's over the top. The energy is delectable. For those of us who have always had a special place in our hearts for classic thrash, Zerre deliver the goods. This is a record that pays tribute to all eras of thrash and does it in their own, wonderfully intense way. In fact - I'm genuinely shocked more people aren't talking about this band, because this rules. Their ability to nail the aesthetic but give it their own flavor is addictive and speaks to a band who can't help but to thrill. Scorched Souls is an intense listen and one that crashes down around your ears with the intensity of an exploding sun. 

Zerre seem to be on the warpath for heavy metal supremacy. This album is addictive and truly gets it. The hooks are huge, the riffs will get your fist pumping and the rhythms are guaranteed to get you caught in a mosh. Zerre have distilled so much of the magic of thrash metal into six killer songs and I hope this is a sign of more to come. It's hard not to be enamored with this level of intensity, and Zerre pull it off with aplomb. Is this my favorite thrash metal album of 2024? So far yes. And it just might hold the title for the rest of the year.

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