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Friday, January 27, 2023

Bizarrekult - Den Tapte Krigen


Now this is a magical one. Bizarrekult have been on my radar for a few years now with their fascinating brand of post black metal that has remained dynamic, powerful and wonderfully emotional for years. It's the sort of band who you can get totally lost in and whose work has always been at a tier above many of their peers. This new album, Den Tapte Krigen is another massive step forward for the band. Their Season of Mist debut sees them taking center stage and leaving listeners in awe of compositions that go well above and beyond anything they've done before. 

There is an intensity to this bands music that has always resonated with me. The compositions here get all the more atmospheric and powerful without ever losing the raw ugliness of their black metal roots. The songs are potent and gorgeously written, but they remain twisted and punishing. It's a delight to immerse yourself in the magic of what's being done here - it's reminiscent of their peers in bands like Downfall of Gaia and Der Weg Einer Freiheit. Den Tapte Krigen pulls from an even wider sonic pallet though, with female vocals and synths occasionally coming in to pad out the sound and make this an even more compelling overall piece of art. 

Bizarrekult are a one of a kind force in the underground, but watching their vision unfold on the big stage here is something different. There is a grander darkness to the misery they are peddling and a sense of depth to the compositions that seems endless. It's a delight to let yourself get lost in the dark and unveil the high powered and fascinating layers that they've pulled together here. Bizarrekult may be relative newcomers on the scene, but Den Tapte Krigen proves that they are rapidly rising and will soon leave many of the untrue in their wake. 

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Lamp of Murmuur - Saturnian Bloodstorm


Lamp of Murmuur is back with their third full length, the fiery and impregnable Saturnian Bloodstorm. This is an absolute crusher of an album, a record that builds on the bands longstanding reputation and which is sue to entrance fans of USBM as they sally once more into the breach. This is black metal done right, with a sense of bombast and grandiose imagery, but a healthy respect for the stripped down roots of the genre, and this projects past. It makes for a compelling all around offering sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. 

The performances on this record are remarkably colorful, especially the drum work. These are songs that really lean into a larger than life sense of darkness and the unrelenting assault that fuels them makes for incredibly compelling and rewarding listening. There is a depth to this work that is wholly undeniable. The new album is some of their most impressive work yet, with compositions that are clearly a head and shoulders above anything that has come before. The use of synths on the album is immaculate, culminating in the title track which is also the album closer. It helps makes the listeners journey feel complete. 

I won't lie. I wasn't in love with this bands previous work. I thought it was good but I never understood the depth of the hype. This latest offering sees them driving to new heights though and unveiling layers that I wasn't ready for them to tap into. This is a record that I think brings Lamp of Murmuur to a whole new level and speaks to the work the bands mastermind "M." has been putting in non stop over the past few years in order to unleash some of the sickest black metal the world has heard in recent years. Immerse yourself in this because I feel like this is just the beginning.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Negative Blast - Echo Planet


Now this one is a rager. Negative Blast are a San Diego hardcore band with an impressive pedigree including members of Earthless, OFF!, Lewd Acts, [CON•TACT] and Hour of the Wolf. The cumulative result of their collective effort is a wonderfully pissed off hardcore record that is going to keep fans thrilled with the blasting magic of a sound that just won't quit. This is hardcore done right, doomed to destroy and destined to die. It will throw you into the pit and leave you thrilled for what more is to come from these titans. 

Echo Planet impresses not just because of its bubbling intensity but also the bleak vision that the band brings to the table. There is a tormented assault that they unleash time and time again on listeners here and the chaotic magic of tracks like "Bad Trip" is undeniable. One gets the sense that Negative Blast could fall apart at any moment - but it's their ability to hold it all together regardless that helps to make them so remarkable and fun to listen too. It's a testament to their work and impressive capabilities as composers who seem eager to delve ever deeper into the underground as they seek to leave fans in awe of what more has been created here. 

Negative Blast writhe in the murk and spew venom out of their sunny southern California hardcore scene. It's hard not to be impressed with the bleak sounds and high powered assault that they consistently unveil as they mosh through the eight tracks presented here. They show a healthy respect for their elders, but are clearly ready to throw down with their peers. Not a lot of bands can strike this balance but to Negative Blast it seems natural.  

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Monday, January 23, 2023

Angerot - The Profound Recreant


Well this is a fucking crusher. Angerot have long since established themselves as masters in the world of old school death metal, but this new album feels like it's on a new level entirely. Featuring devastating HM-2 riffs, wonderfully deep production and a huge plethora of guests (Including both Andy Larocque and Steve Tucker), The Profound Recreant is a goddamn monster of an album. This is death metal done right, with a healthy respect for the old school and no frills beyond bringing in some of the best to ever do it to help them crush. 

Angerot's love for the old school is present right from the first, but this is part of what makes them so much fun to sink your teeth into. Tracks like "Grand Feast Ov The Flesh" are absolute scorchers any way you slice them. It's hard not to become enamored with the blazing assault and tormented blasphemy that makes these offerings so compelling. The Profound Recreant shines in its bitter darkness and keeps listeners coming back for more as they unveil increasing layers of misanthropy for us all to revel in time and time again. It's death metal done with a level of understanding for the genre that few of their peers can properly reflect upon. 

Join me in immersing yourself in the murk and coming to a deeper understanding of Angerot's bitter distaste for humanity. The Profound Recreant is a monster and an album that is going to keep you excited as you attempt to delve ever deeper into its Lovecraftian horror and mind annihilating layers. This album is anthemic and chunky, the sort of thing that you put on as a perfect example of what it sounds like when death metal is done right. Lose yourself in the dark, Angerot have a deep understanding of our blasphemous genre and you need to suffocate under it. 

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Bosco Sacro - Gem


I'm not going to lie - I was about to close out of the promo for this until I saw that Bosco Sacro bring a heavy trip hop and doom elements into their brand of ambient music. Exactly the sort of thing that might inspire the curiosity of an intrepid music reviewer. These Avantgarde Music signees new record, Gem is an interesting one to say the least. While hardly as heavy as most things we review on this blog, what you get here is a sort of wonderfully melancholic and immersive listening experience from a band who really grasp the inherent beauty of the genre. 

Gem is an interesting offering to say the least, doing a lot to earn that "Dreamgaze" tag. The gentle production and layered compositions are masterful and mesmerizing. Listeners will find themselves immersed in the shadows and dark passion play that Bosco Sacro so deeply understand. The emotion behind the vision and the grandiose sense of darkness is inspiring and powerful. It's beautiful and powerful, music that acts more as a fitting soundtrack for a rainy Sunday than anything else, but as someone listening on a rainy Sunday - what more could you want? It's a compelling document and one that I think dreamgaze fans will become enchanted with. 

Bosco Sacro have found a clear and unique slot for themselves in the depths of the ambient scene and it's a lot of fun to let this record was over you. It's elegant and stately, a fitting combination that I feel doesn't intercede in our scene all that often. While the trip hop and doom elements are there, they are certainly understated. What you really get out of this record is much more a sense of internal peace, that you've found an album that can comfort and guide you, even in the most frustrating of days. Isn't that what we're all looking for anyway? 

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