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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Litosth - Cesariana

Litosth are a fascinating melodic black metal band from Brazil, showcasing a huge depth of unique sounds and influences coming together to help make their third offering Cesariana such a compelling and unique offering. This is a record that is unafraid to lean back into older nineties influences and refine a sound that is wholly their own, but which feels wonderfully familiar, and a fitting reminder of why we love so much of this stuff in the first place. Cesariana is thrilling and dynamic, all we need to get lost in a project. 

I think what makes this record so engaging is the depth of production that they bring to the table. The songs are padded out with gorgeous synth playing and the melodic guitar lines nicely slot underneath surprisingly emotional growls. While some aspects of the sound feel a little dated, that is very much the intention of what's being sought after here, and the wonderfully dark visions that Litosth seek to communicate on Cesariana are certain to sweep you off your feet and leave you thrilled for more underground magic to come. There is a depth here that is awe inspiring, and as you gaze into it the more you realize you need to dive in. 

Cesariana is an emotive, powerful and deep offering. It's a record that speaks to the triumph of the Brazilian scene and one which nicely distills a huge variety of influences into something deeply enjoyable. It's hard not to turn yourself away from this record once you get going, and as the pumping keyboards and driving guitars wash over you, you just want to close your eyes and get washed away in a world of sound. Cesariana is a record that will speak to your soul as long as you are willing to step back and dive into the magic. 

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Guhts - Regeneration


I think that Guhts like the Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas album. But guess what? That album rules. And by extension - Guhts rule! After years of hard work their debut full length, Regeneration is finally here and it's a truly impressive offering, one that is broad scope, larger than life and which elegantly brings together a broad swathe of influences, not just Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas, but also Subrosa, Deftones, Battle of Mice and Jarboe. It is an intense and interesting listen, a record that seems eager to keep on giving even through multiple spins. 

Regeneration impresses because of the ambition of the release. Yet even in its boldest moments, like the ten minute album closer "The Wounded Healer" one never gets the sense that Guhts are trying to punch above their weight class. Instead these songs like beautifully natural extensions of the artists themselves, testimonies to their hard work and transcendent, epic compositions that will draw you in for spin after spin. This is music that goes above and beyond, which is unashamed in its ambition to grow and which gets incredibly, unabashedly emotional.. The rawness of these emotions and the warmth of the guitar tones creates a strange sonic space where sitting back and crying feels not just appropriate, but welcome. 

Guhts have really gone above and beyond with this release. It's a record that hints at an impressive future for the band, and which even in the short term is going to be enough to turn heads. It's a fitting document to a time and a place, and a band who have found a way to distill their influences into an impressive addition to the canon. Regeneration is a thriller any way you slice it, bombastic, raw and wonderfully emotional. If you're looking for a post metal offering to carry you to strange new sonic landscapes, this is the one for you.

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Monday, November 27, 2023

Ăšlfarr - Orlegsceaft


Now this is a stunner. Those in the know have been quietly following Ulfarr for a few years now , especially as project mainman Hrafn created similarly excellent music with Thy Dying Light, Nefarious Dusk and Morte Lune. But now he has returned with the debut full length from Ulfarr and this is a stunner. A record that feels triumphant and crushingly evil, in the same way that many of the old greats gave off the same sentiment, it's hard for devotees of the genre not to fall in love with what has been done throughout this record. 

While Orlegsceaft is certainly not reinventing the steel the execution throughout the record is immaculate. Ulfarr has found ways to portray their music in bold new ways with unrelenting blast beats and tremolo picking coming off as wonderfully triumphant odes to fist pumping black metal slaughter. There is an undeniable magic and sense of ancient bloodthirst that permeates this record. It feels like an album that really does fulfill black metals promise of inverting so many Christian ideals, resulting in a record that is compelling, tortured and beautifully indicative of so many of the things that make this such a worthwhile genre in the first place. 

Orlegsceaft is a potent listen. Even as tremlo picked riffs rain down from the sky like so many arrows, the band pads out their compositions with elegant synths and larger than life compositions certain to keep listeners deeply engaged. There is a sense of the sublime that permeates so many aspects of Ulfarr's work and exploring the myriad depths of this album only highlights that. Orlegsceaft is a triumph, one that denis so much of the prettiness of modern black metal in ordeer to get somethign that feels older and becomes all the more entrancing.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Sulfuric Hatred - S/T


Sulfuric Hatred just dropped some of the most oppressive and striking warnoise that I have heard in a good long time. Their abrasive, unrelenting sounds are the epitome of gut wrenching grindviolence and makes for some deeply compelling, endlessly engaging stuff. Sure it's going to be alienating to those of us who aren't committed to the cause, but for those of us deep in the underground the unrelenting crush of Sulfuric Hatred is going to scratch a very specific itch. It may not be for everyone - but it certainly resonates with me. 

What mesmerizes me about this record is the sheer chaos the band harnesses. Songs like "Foul Poison Insatiable" feel like the auditory equivalent of being trapped in an avalanche - which is exactly what makes it so much fun. Sulfuric Hatred is evil in a way that few of the bands peers can ever really harness. It's death metal that leans into so many of the genres most punishing tropes and does so with a savage sense of glee. It's the selfsame bloodlust that made so much extreme metal so compelling in the first place. If you're looking for sounds of unrelenting desperation and savagery then you could do a lot worse than this. 

Noisy, heavy and unafraid to wear their influences on their sleeve, Sulfuric Hatred consistently showcases that this band is on another level. In some ways this is the platonic ideal of what noisy death metal is supposed to be, high powered and unforgiving. If you're not ready to let yourself get sucked up in the violence then you'd best not put your headphones on because this one takes no prisoners and only gets gnarlier with every passing spin. 

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Monday, November 20, 2023

Atronos - Erwachen


Melancholic, melodic and... strangely heroic, Atronos are a fascinating project whose second album Erwachen is a black metal offering like few others. A record that is massive in scope and borders on the transcendent, Erwachen encourages listeners to delve into a world of epic black metal where swords are held high and soldiers careen into battle. This is a record that is transcendent and unforgiving, black metal to guide the soul and to consistently remind listeners just how poetic and powerful the genre can be when done right. 

These are songs of Triumph and tribulation, tracks that loom larger than life and which showcase performers who can craft songs that will ring forth in your heart. As these songs play out you can see endless German forestscapes unveiling before you and strange dreams of medieval eras unravel. There is something transcendent and beautiful about the threnodies presented here and their atavistic beauty. This is black metal that draws you deep into the past and uses this as a mirror for the human condition. It's wonderfully compelling stuff that gets right to the heart of what the genre was supposed to be about in the first place. 

Erwachen is a delightful listen. As I sit here on a chilly Monday morning I needed a record that would have the power to transport me somewhere else. This is the perfect record for doing exactly that, for proving that within all of us there is still the beating heart of the old world. So raise your sword to the sky and prepare for the endless, bountiful magic of Atronos splaying out for you in all of its glory on Erwachen. If you are looking for your next glorious black metal journey, search no more, Atronos are here to whisk you away. 

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