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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Primitive Man/Hell - Split

When rumor first spread of this split, a cut between two legendary bands, bands who are making massive waves in this scene, people thought that it was almost too good to be true, that no one could possibly be able to craft something as powerful and overarchingly devastating. The mere thought was met with a hearty chorus of 'Fuck yeah's' - as good a metric as any in 2018. Primitive Man and Hell have joined forces on a record that is almost guaranteed to go down as legendary, a truly twisted blast from another realm.

Primitive Man kick off their side of the split with something that is distinctly primitive man, heavy as all get out, punishing and yet somehow, weirdly, precisely to the point. The band completely get to what they are all about and speak to a sort of twisted reality that we all must face every day. Primitive Man, unsurprisingly retain their crown as the heaviest sounding band in the world. Meanwhile Hell sort of create a bit of an atavistic record here, an album that, by their own admission looks back to their debut album, emphasizing the surging bass guitar and pumping forward with a sort of nihilistic determination.

A rumbling testament to two of the heaviest bands in the word, this split borders on terrifying and ay very well be my favorite thing that Translation Loss Records has ever done. this is a monstrous release, a release that is going to fascinate and mesmerize, that is going to crush and keep you suffocated in a dark chamber. Primitive Man and Hell are a match made in... well... hell and I'm curious to see what any further collaborations between these two titans of the bottom end might yield.

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Primitive Man:


Friday, December 14, 2018

Insanity Alert - 666-Pack

Longtime readers of this blog know that I have been a diehard Insanity Alert fan since I was 15 years old. I got their first demo all the way back when the way to submit to this blog was to ask on a thread I had made on the Ultimate Guitar forums. Since then they've gone on to play what feels like every festival in Europe, sign to Season of Mist and generally speaking present themselves as one of the best thrash bands in the world. Now we see them preparing to unleash their third full length, and first for Season Of Mist, 666-Pack

This is some truly hard hitting and maddening shit. A record that sees the crossover thrash favorites shift into much more of a grindcore mode with touches of powerviolence interacting with more conventional thrash tropes the brand has embraced crazed heaviness making this one of the bands most gloriously twisted releases to date. Don't think for a moment though that Insanity Alert have given up on their thrash obsessed ways, it's just that now there are a few more zombies and terrifying creatures from the abyss. It makes for the most aggressive and twisted Insanity Alert record yet, and I kind of love it. 

The general silliness of the band has been toned down overall, giving them more in common with some of the more straight faced elements of Iron Reagan. Still the tongue in cheek elements, as with Iron Reagan, are always there and they help bring an exciting new layer to what Insanity Alert have done here. Rather than just being a comedy thrash band they have started to grow up. nevertheless this is a very fun and hard hitting thrash record that is guaranteed to bring the mosh no matter the circumstances. 

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Barshasketh - S/T

This is an absolute monster of a record in a year where W.T.C Productions seems to leap eagerly from peak to peak that's saying something. With their fourth release, these UK black metal icons have unleashed something that not only promises to slay posers but which takes devour listeners deep into hyperborian wastes and face to face with existential struggles of the day to day. This is a colossal sounding record and one that seems to revel in its own madness. The twisted sonic assault of Barshasketh is fascinating and impossible to turn away from, black metal for the master plan. 

Barshasketh seems to rely on bombastic dynamics and an almost authoritarian swagger that drive it forward. this is an album that blazes furiously and angrily, full of moments of blackened torment and transcendent fury. This is a record that you can truly get lost in, a record that ebbs and flows and which seems to cultivate a devilish sense of its own black majesty. Barshasketh have used this statement to bring themselves to a bold new level and remind us of the demented, seething magic that made them great in the first place. It's a record that demonstrates all there is to love about that classic black metal sound and reminds us that there is so much left to do within it. 

Never really straying from genre tropes and core ideas the band has still managed to create something compelling and addictive. If you are a fan of 90s second wave of black metal then Barshasketh is going to be the record for you, hitting all the core elements of the genre and ensuring that you stay absolutely enthralled throughout. This is a thrilling and swaggering record, a black metal monument to a time forgot but a sound that will ring forth forever in a swirl of burnt churches and endless inverted crosses. 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Deth Crux - Mutant Flesh

Now here's something really interesting coming out of the dark satanic jungle of Los Angeles. Mutant Flesh is the debut full length from the death rockers in Deth Crux, a band featuring members of Buried At Sea and Lightning Swords Of Death. This particular offering is an exceptionally weird twist in the myth, something wonderfully goth and just a little bit silly in its bombast, but in fact making for some truly compelling and exciting listening from a band who seem doomed to take the world by storm.

With eerie melodies and over the top ministrations to a forgotten god, Deth Crux play very nicely into all of the tropes of the genre whilst simultaneously driving home bold new ideas and breathing new life into the band and what they are all about. Mutant Flesh speaks to a dark side of the human condition with its almost operatic vocals and the reverbed out vibes of the band only serve to leave me totally mesmerized. With driving rhythms and crunching bass lines the band pushes their way to the fore, not caring what you might think of them. Bold and over the top - Mutant Flesh is a glorious trip to the hell planet.

There are surprisingly huge choruses here and a willingness to embrace all sorts of genre and musical twists and turns. this is a death rock record on what is traditionally a death metal label, but somehow it works. When you have something this incredibly dark and also strangely fun you simultaneously see images of bodies jumping from buildings alongside flashes of coked out nights in your favorite darkened nightclub. Wonderfully bleak and a little over the top, Mutant Flesh is a fascinating artistic statement and one I am sure to become addicted too.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Undantagsfolk - Den Ondes Fingrar

Nordvis Records has always put out some really cool music so I try to take note whenever they hit me with another because I am almost certain that it is going to be a gem. such is the case with Den Ondes Fingrar by their latest signing Undantagsfolk. This Swedish duo craft incredibly dark and mesmerizing folk melodies with brooding strings and creepy arpeggios providing the backdrop to angelic vocals that seem to descend straight from the heavens to your eagerly awaiting eardrums. It's a two song sonic journey for the ages.

Den Ondes Fingrar ties into a lot of the recent trend of neofolk projects coming out of Scandinavia but it also goes a fair bit beyond that. Rather than just borrowing form more standard neofolk, folk and dark ambient influences like many of their peers, in the music of Undantagsfolk once can hear touches of post metal with elements of bands like Alcest or even the Cocteau Twins occasionally poking through the radiant light that this band represents. Despite their shining nature though Den Ondes Fingrar shows us a band who are not afraid of delving into the darker side of things and though they have less than ten minutes to show you what they are about on this EP they clearly have a passion for darkness.

With a brooding and sometimes weird harmonium counterbalancing nylon stringed guitars, Den Ondes Fingrar carves out a distinct sound world that is truly beautiful and strangely mesmerizing. If you fell in love with groups like Of The Wand & The Moon then you are going to find yourself unable to turn away from the unreal witchery of Undantagsfolk. This is a group who play upon surreal and magickal elements demanding the listener enter their sonic wonderland, but as soon as the request comes you have already fallen hopelessly in love.

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