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Friday, June 23, 2017

Tyrannosorceress - Shattering Light's Creation

Tyrannosorceress utterly blew me away with their Demo in 2011. It was short and sweet but offered so much. The changes in the movements within the music was excellent and kept you interested. At the same time nothing was over saturated. I was highly anticipating a second release hoping it to be a full length. Well, here we have it. Much more than I expected with adding a huge influence of some serious black metal. So moving forward to 2017 we have a new release which is their debut full length album entitled, “Shattering Light’s Creation”, coming out on Tofu Carnage Records.

A lot of the record reminds me of Dissection for a few reasons. The over all driving aspect of the movement within the guitars and drums combined, the vocal attack with the timbre and anger in his voice, and the single picked note melodic chords, which lets you fully hear all the notes of the chord rather than the entire chord. Great tremolo picking with chord progressions and overlapping harmonies that create a tension and release effect to the music. The quality of black metal on this record is superb. Their ability to play slower mid tempo melodic black metal and incorporate intense blasting parts with tons of tremolo picking without any rough or awkward transitions is absolutely amazing and rare.  On their previous demo a lot of the heaviness came from a deeper Black Sabbath influence but with this new one I feel more of a death metal influence on the heavy side of things here. 

“Haunting Black Infinity,” has a creepy, eerie intro sample that sets the mood for the approaching storm. Intermixing old school Mastodon type riffs with black metal and death metal is absolute bliss. After a nice chord progression they drop it straight into fast black metal while tremolo picking chords. Their ability to transition in and out of sections that have totally different cadences is phenomenal. The hardest part about writing forward thinking metal are transitions. Without smooth seamless transitions you can’t stay focused on the progression of the music. Their first Demo was much more minimalist but still crushed in every way… especially the riffs. That was impressive due to taking something simple and giving it so much with subtly and diversity. This debut album takes it up way past what I expected for their second release and anyones for that matter. The layers of harmony and melody with the guitars is outstanding. The second guitar isn’t overdone to the point where it washes out the rhythm or the vocals. This band has an excellent sense of balance with their composition. There is a lot to say about a band that takes five to six years to make their second release. This clean intro and the progression of this song explains that vibe. So well thought out and flowing. Even when the fast blasting parts start up, the cadences of the sections are still extremely fluid. The way the guitarist tremolo picks gives it that overlaying smooth texture like how Mikael Akerfeldt strums or Dagoth from Otargos. “The Call to Chaos,” has a sick break down that leads into an atmospheric relaxed dark section that reminds me heavily of old Opeth from the Still Life or Black Water Park albums. It ends with an Eerie outro with that high end harmony which makes the listner feel like their in a horror movie. “Shattering Lights Creation,” Is straight up a blistering black metal track. Layers of frustration and hate outlines his chapped lipped, while I envision this as I let the vocalist infiltrate my ear holes stimulating my eargasms of putridity. The end of this track goes seamlessly into the next track, “The Angels Nine”. It’s honestly heart warming to any guitarist listening to this and realizing how precisely clean all the tremolo guitar picking and string skipping is. Hats off to the guitarists here all the way. Playing fast distorted guitars extremely cleanly takes constant forms of practice and dedication. “Senescent and Supreme” ends the album and has a great doom part that is surprising to hear after the whole record. Yet at the same time so fitting after such an emotional piece of work. Absolutely amazing way to end an already phenomenal album. Such an impactful piece of music with so many ups, downs and every type of turn one can imagine. The vocalist never over does it and knows when to let the music breath. Not enough metal vocalists have this ability to attack and release which in return puts the icing on the cake to the already superbly written music. 

Anyone and everyone who enjoys black metal should check this record out. Especially fans of old school traditional black metal and the new wave that has cleaner production but captures the raw aspects of the old days. Tyrannosorceress is your new metal pleasure.

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Nuen Welten - The Sea I'm Diving In

Prophecy Productions is really one of those labels who succeed as curators of taste. They are a label who can put out even genres of music I would never normally listen to and make me love them. So I knew that when Nuen Welten's The Sea I'm Diving In hit my inbox that I was in for a good time. Nuen Welten is the sort of potent and highly ambient dark folk band who force you to question what folk music can be and its role in our society, pushing the genre to new heights and guiding the listener through beautiful waves of sound. 

I can't help but to love the beautiful and strangely archaic vibes that Nuen Welten so gleefully curate on this record. The rolling textures of the production, perfectly balancing lush acoustic guitars and gentle synths make for an album that you can't help but want to get lost in. There is something inherently comforting about the way their downtempo vibes ease their way into your heart. Maybe I'm just a sucker for minor key German music but there is something I think transcendent about Nuen Welten. Sure they might be a little bit on the nose now and again, but that's part of what makes this record so fascinating. 

The Sea I'm Diving In offers infinite possibilities and encourages you to, well, dive in. This is a band who are not afraid of the beauty of their sound and who are going to work their way into your mind time and time again with endless and romantic compositions. When this albums comes to its tear jerking conclusion you can't help but to feel that you witnessed a truly great piece of art unfolding before you. Nuen Welten are masters of their craft and will leave you with a smile on your face and passion burning in your heart. 

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cloud Rat/Disrotted - Split

So I gotta say - I freakin' love how many splits Cloud Rat has put out in the last year. The best part is that most of them are extremely different one from the other and it makes for some of the most interesting output to date. At the same time, they always seem to discover sick new bands or collaborate with potent scene stalwarts meaning that every split that they put out can't help but to be a new fascinating look into the state of underground music today and what this whole thing means for us.

So Cloud Rat's side of the split is one massive eighteen minute long track entitled "Holding The Picture" a perfect example of all that they have been able to create wilst simultaneously breaking every previous musical boundary that once limited the band. It's just as bizarre and ambitious as we've come to expect from this band and reminds us of their basement dwelling glory. Disrotted meanwhile come at you with a twenty three minute masterwork of their own that utterly smashes in skulls and forces you to revel in their twisted and evil majesty. The crushing chords and terrifying grunts remind us of our own frail humanity.

It's easy to get lost in the cavernous soundscapes of this record, the monolithic crush, the hyper speed blasts and the potent prodution which, on both sides simultaneously reflects the power of basement level undergound music and the inherent appeal of massive boards in great studios. This is a record that shows us both the heart of the scene and its dream. Cloud Rat and Disrotted are bands that understand where we come from but also where we are going and that's what makes this split truly special.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aborted - Bathos

It's always nice to be given a reminder that yes, Aborted are pretty much the sickest thing ever. Their latest offering, the two track EP Bathos is an utter masterpiece, crushing the innocent, grinding their brains and then reminding us once more that Aborted are kings of the genre. In a time when death metal is experiencing a new heyday it is weirdly reassuring to have a band like Aborted balancing old school and new with intense tracks blaspheme a god that failed and which forces us to choke on an abismal reality.

I can't help but to love the ball breaking intensity of this record, the old hunger has clearly never left these Belgian overlords and the devastating magic of the shreddy riffs on a track like Fallacious Crescendo can't help but to awaken your inner 15 year old. I think the thing that really gets me about Aborted though is that somehow they keep getting better. Every release seems more on point than the last, and now three decades into their existence they prove that they are still unafraid to go out and smash open some skulls. Bathos is an EP that gets to the heart of why we love death metal and then beats that into our heads time and time again.

Undeniably charming and in many ways a little silly (I'm looking at those flashy solos!) Aborted have never shied away from cracking the listeners skull with a variety of sonic blasphemies and balls out assaults. The circle pit driven madness of these songs is delicious and the constant creative output of this band (This is after all their 19th release!) can't help but to inspire young death metal fans across the globe. You can get on board the hype train or not, Aborted don't care, they will just crack your fucking skull in.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nomura - Inerte Affondare

Light hearted intro. Slowly building into something. The lead harmony reminds me of the record Ashes Against the Grain by Agolloch. Ahhh yes that wonderful d-beat crust swing comes into play. Just playing whatever you think sounds badass on guitar is always the best idea. Right off the bat this band also reminds me of what Norma Jean originally was with the original singer that went to The Chariot. I know I’m not the only screamo kid that didn’t know what to listen to and then one day found eclectic black metal. I’m even feeling Hopesfall vibes with the driving melody and raw screams. The second vocalist for Hopesfall to be specefic. What doom do you speak of? Groove Sir. The transitions are not only forward thinking, there seamless as well. The mixing on this album has everything evenly balanced, raw and heavy. Old school just heavy. Just makes you want to head bang. Really well thought out album. Great song writing. Can’t wait to hear more from this  band. How fitting to have the water just slowly wash you back into the endless vastnesss of life.

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