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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Profanator - Mvtter Vicivm

There is something deliciously vile about blackened thrash metal and the gloriously insane power that it holds. The demented might of Profanator is the kind of thing that keeps children awake at night in fear of something dark lurking under the bed. The raw energy and chaotic, triumphant evil of Profanator will capture your imagination and get you to strait jacket mosh yourself into oblivion. Profanator are thrash metal brought to the most demented extreme, seemingly destined to tear off your flesh.

There is a profound sense of groove found throughout their latest record Mvtter Vicivm, it keeps a very high speed and dangerous record from falling apart. The buzz saw guitars and open strings that accent these tracks are merely reflections of the raw chaos that defines this band. there is something strangely appealing about an act who seem to be perpetually on the verge of collapse. It seems unthinkable that a band could grind forward with this much intensity as long as Profanator do, but somehow they make it work, spewing blasphemies for eight glorious tracks, unthinkable death metal oppression to break the human heart.

Frankly, I'm surprised that more people don't know about Profanator. They seem to be hitting a lot of key markets, their distinct breed of blackened thrash metal is perfect for uniting longhairs from across the globe. There is a sense of sublime destruction and teeth pounding terror that makes Mvtter Vicivm immediately memorable. Profanator will force even the meekest into the pit as they are overwhelmed by evil soundscapes and drenched in vicious guitar tones. This is truly heavy metal to further enrage the savage beast within.

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Dyed In Grey - The Forgotten Sequence

One of the things that has made prog so hard for me to listen too lately is that after a certain point it's hard to transcend what people like Opeth or Dream Theater did in the late 90s. Sure the genre has taken interesting twists and turns, but most of it seems derivative. Dyed In Grey seem to manage to circumvent this by borrowing from all eras of prog, creating The Forgotten Sequence, an exciting musical journey that maneuvers its way through djent, symphonic music, and more, making for some very interesting listening.

There is a sense of totality in The Forgotten Sequence that makes it immensely satisfying. Building on the records predecessor, The Abandoned Part Dyed In grey have managed to formulate a sound that is far more complete. While these songs definitely have moments of highly technical metal madness you also get a lot of more subdued moments and a heavier use of clean vocals than I recall on The Abandoned Part. The compositions too have rapidly advanced. In particular the drumming on this record, courtesy of Darkest Hours Travis Orbin is stunning, adding a whole new level to the world created by the music. These guys are quickly making a name for themselves as an extremely exciting band in what too often feels like a stifling and overcrowded genre.

Far more human than many of their peers Dyed In Grey manage to strike a delicate balance between technical ecstasy and emotional and touching music. There is something rather beautiful about this latest creation that navigates distinct tone worlds, using jarring chords in direct contrast to soulful guitar lines to craft something truly special. Dyed In Grey know what it means to build iconoclastic and engaging music that pushes the boundaries. These guys are destined to melt your flesh and then bring you back to earth, get ready to take a musical journey you won't soon forget.

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Mono Inc. - Terlingua

One of the things I find endlessly fascinating about SPV Records is how they don't feel at all obligated to just release metal records which means that every once in a while I get to listen to some really cool German rock that provides an interesting take on the genre. Mono Inc. are a band I've never heard of before tonight yet I have already fallen in love. Their synth heavy sound is multilayered and endlessly fascinating, pulling together all sorts of powerful ideas into a stunning release worth many a listen.

The thing is, Terlingua has a very distinct flavor, contrasting German and English lyrics, European vibes with wide open Texas plains and crunchy guitars with more pop driven elements. As you try to sink into the duality of Mono Inc. it strikes you how strangely natural this record feels. In some ways it's almost reminiscent of The Killers inasmuch as the songs have the same sense of organic flow. The vocals provide a reassuring sort of quasi-drone that layers on top of the music, sure the bands frontman can do more elaborate stuff but as is it keeps things simple and tasteful. Terlingua takes the listener on a journey, but it is never jarring, instead it is artful and oftentimes majestic.

The sense of the sublime that continues to dominate this record helps to make Terlingua all the more engaging for me. Mono Inc. have carefully honed a sound that seems to be reflective of the time and place in which they recorded this album and for that the band is able to stand strong. With a sound that is almost guaranteed to capture the imagination Terlingua has a potentially massive appeal. It's easy to close your eyes and fall into the endless power of Terlingua, Mono Inc. know they have created something special, and now you too can profit.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Ah Swedish death metal, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Disrupted are certainly one of the primary reasons I love the genre, that's for sure. The all out assault of this band initially caught my ear when they released their EP the bloodthirsty Heavy Death. Now these Scandinavian heretics are back with a full length in the form of Morbid Death and it will simply violate your eardrums. There is a certain gleeful dedication to destruction found in this bands music that will never fail to impress me. The way they lurch forward with a sense of decadent grace is strangely charming. The buzzing guitars and wicked solos are nicely contrasted by oh-so-heavy vocals that hearken back to the days of the old masters like Dismember. Letting the sublime terror of this band sink into your flesh is undeniably fun, and now they seem hyper charged - more violent than ever and ready to tear off your face - this is what death metal is all about.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

King Hitter - S/T

Balls to the wall rock and roll featuring members of the lineup of Corrosion of Conformity Blind? Yes please! Incredibly potent and easy to get into King Hitter have managed to rapidly refine a song that is worthy of the attention of any fan of heavy music. There newly minted EP King Hitter sees them hitting the road with the Cavalera Conspiracy/Death Angel tour and they seem determined to come out covered in blood. This is hard rock in 2015 at its finest, brutal, honest and unafraid to bite you in the throat.

There is a sense of poignant darkness that nicely contrasts some of the more upbeat moments found in King Hitter. While the general timbre of the record tends to stay fairly uniform, the bands frontman Karl Agell is able to cover a wealth of emotions with his powerful vocal lines. The structure of the riffs seems rather distinctive with tails locking off tastefully and evidencing the enduring might that this kind of music can have. That being said, there definitely is room to grow here, I'd like to hear the band work on their dynamics even more and add a greater emotional depth to the soul searing work that they have put together here.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of anything else, King Hitter are easy to get in too. You hear them grinding into the listeners soul with songs like Suicide (Is The Retirement Plan) and it rapidly becomes impossible to deny this bands rising star. King Hitter guide you on a musical journey and to not permit yourself to take it violates your own agency. So let these songs ring forth, into your ears and heart providing a way forward and a way through the bitter murk that can define so much of our bleak existence.

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