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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cyhyraeth - Servant to the Fire

Thrashy, oftentimes technical, female fronted death metal. We're already off to a great start! There is something wonderfully angry about Cyhyraeth that transcends the occasionally muddy mix and shows us a true lesson in violence. These guys are the real deal with strong lead lines, crunchy riffs, and songs that leave you feeling complete. Painting images of apocalyptic fury and twisted societies, Servant to the Fire is a tasty little death metal record that very much adheres to what the genre is all about.

I think the thing that really gets me off with Cyhyraeth is the sheer hatred in the voice of the bands lead singer. She has a level of anger that few of her contemporaries can match, and it helps to make Servant to the Fire all the more visceral. Cyhyraeth are servants to a darker reality, shadows haunting them which few choose to acknowledge. This sense of cosmic destruction and immense burdens are so fetch. The occasional clean vocals help to make things interesting, but are not overused as to sound cliched. Cyhyraeth bring forth a variety of exciting ideas to the table, and it hints at a great future for the band.

Cyhyraeth have an attack unlike many of their peers, and though it initially comes across as straight death metal you don't need to dig for long before you realize the true beauty of the music. With beautiful solos and riffs that truly engage the listener, Cyhyraeth are simply fun to listen to. A bit happier in tone than many of their peers, these guys seem to be on the verge of discovering something special. You just have to jump on the bandwagon before the whole thing explodes, Cyhyraeth have a great upward trajectory and I'm excited for what they will come to do.

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Publicist UK

Publicist UK is the best project involving members of Revocation and Municipal Waste that you've never heard of. Filled with all sorts of unique musical twists and turns I have to say, Publicist UK is not the kind of music you'd expect these guys to be making. Much darker and more ambient than either of those two bands respective bodies of work. There are elements on there demo that are actually reminiscent of doom metal bands. The pulsing acoustic guitar and down to earth clean vocals seem to suggest a deeper darkness which we can all relate to. Strangely beautiful, digging into the Publicist UK sound is certainly an adventure. These guys have put together their combined expertise to create something greater than the sum of its parts. With unique ebbs and flows the sound has layers upon layers and has me extremely excited to hear what will happen when the full length comes out. One of the most promising and potential packed bands I've heard in years, the future will only be bright for Publicist UK.

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We Are Legion - Exit Humanity

It's been a while since I've gotten to review some wonderfully heavy down tuned death metal from the crypt. Fortunately, We Are Legion are here to help me get my fix with the muddy pummeling magic of Exit Humanity. From the first chug and fancy fill, you know that We Are Legion are the real deal. They are delivering death metal destruction in a way that few of their peers still do. Great musicians all around and not afraid to melt your face with beautiful sonic destruction, We Are Legion understand what techdeath should be about.

These Minneapolis death merchants rely heavily on chugs to keep the songs moving forward, take that as you will. That being said, a lot of their more complex riffs boggle the mind with their spiraling beauty. It actually creates a nice contrast to the more monochromatic chugs. I feel like to much of either would make the record harder to understand, but the mix of the two gives the music a clear artistic direction. Add in a nice contrast in the pitch of the growls and you have a record that generates real musical interest. My only real complaint is that at times the sound is a bit muddy and it takes a few listens on good headphones to really get what they're going for. As is though, Exit Humanity stands tall as an ode to the wonderful power death metal has over us all.

We Are Legion will do nothing if not capture your imagination. They understand the primal power of the genre, but inject it with a healthy dose of technical magic. This band is going places, and as they improve their mix and refine their sound I feel confident in saying that they have a bright future ahead of them. Feel these noxious grooves wind their way into your flesh and let it come to hold you a prisoner to the unholy glory of the genre. We Are Legion have a diverse and exciting sound that will not disappoint, so dive into the pit and get jiggy with it.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Putrid Christ - Burning Temples of the Holy

USBM has always been interesting me because it tends to be less abrasive and blasphemous than its European counterpart. However, I've always been struck by the bands that were able to totally contradict this and put out something fresh and exciting, black metal that horrifies the listener and proves that American black metallers aren't just a bunch of nature loving hippies but instead men and women who can strive for something profoundly evil, and Burning Temples Of The Holy is nothing if not evil.

The magic of Burning Temples Of The Holy is that despite the crushing riffs and oftentimes frightening brutality that defines so much of the record there is still something you can get lost in. These songs go deeper and seem to encourage the listener to find the sublime darkness within. There is something endlessly fascinating about demonic odes like Raped In the Ruins of the Woods. The touches of bombast help to make this record almost... fun at times, or at least extremely listenable. The exterior, as alienating as it might be, of the Putrid Christ sound does not speak to the magic and mesmerizing power of the deep cuts.

So dig in, let these blast beats seep into your soul and try to find some dreg of sanity to hold on to before you dive into the void. Putrid Christ seem singularly obsessed with darkness and getting into the perverted palace of their minds is quite the journey. One of the premier USBM acts today, the future seems bright for these Minnesota based blasphemers. The kvlt remains alive with the eternal darkness stirred up by Putrid Christ and their wonderful sense of evil will keep you awake in the dark hours of the night.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Atlas Losing Grip - Currents

I'm sad to say that recently shit has gotten very real in the Two Guys Metal Reviews camp and sometimes your heart pulls down on you with the wait of a veritable lead zeppelin. Sometimes though  with this blog I find a record that perfectly embodies where I'm at, and Currents does exactly that. Proof that Atlas Losing Grip are one of the premier punk bands of our time, this record will capture your imagination with vivid soundscapes that are created by remarkable simple guitar lines, a testimony to how great these guys are as songwriters.

This record is just so incredibly perfect on multiple levels. Though it is essentially a punk record you hear elements of metal, indie, and more in the sound. It's at times exciting and others deeply emotional. There are big choruses here and lyrics that speak to the sorrow of our time. No matter who you are, it's easy to latch on to the simple beauty of Atlas Losing Grip. I didn't know about this band before, but sinking into their sound feels so incredibly natural, it speaks to something deeper about humanity. Currents takes you on a veritable musical journey from the hard hitting intro of Sinking Ship to the epic closing track, this is an alubm that you will not soon forget.

In the end, what more can I say other than that Atlas Losing Grip know how it's done. Their music is exciting and well executed, the kind of stuff that most other modern punk bands dream about. Easy to fall in love with a fun to sing along to Currents will capture your imagination mere minutes in to your first listen. This is an album that reminds me why I love music, and why in this crazy old screwed up universe of ours we have reason to go forward. Atlas Losing Grip may very well save us all from the madness of the twenty first century.

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