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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Orange Goblin - The Wolf Bites Back

Let's be real, I listen to a lot of stoner rock and let's admit a lot of stoner rock is kind of generic, sounds pretty similar and isn't very constructive. That's what makes Orange Goblin so exciting, these Candlelight/Spinefarm signees have been grinding this out for parts of three decades and their unique take on potent riff oriented rock and roll remains extremely exciting. With The Wolf Bites Back they certainly pay tribute to their stoner rock roots but also prove that they are feeding into so much more around them.

What I love about The Wolf Bites Back is how the band includes everything from Motorhead to Budgie by way of Mothership. The bands deep understanding of what makes a good rock record gives these burly riffs and punchy rhythms a breath of fresh air keeping them potent and exciting. The chunky assault of Sons Of Salem kick starts the record and lets fans know exactly what you are getting into. Orange Goblin have consistently shown over the last twenty years that they are goddamn asskickers in every sense of the term. The punch in the gut that comes from this bands bottom end is exciting and reminds us time and time again what the band is all about.

With big choruses throughout and angular riffing giving the band a certain impetus that you don't often find in this music it's easy to see why the band has been pulled on to so many exciting festivals for 2018. The record sounds absolutely huge and it feels like every track seems to outdo the one before it. I have never been as sold on Orange Goblin as I am right now, it feels like The Wolf Bites Back is the culmination of a life time of work and fans of heavy rock across the globe are going to be falling in love.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Tunjum - Deidades De Inframundo

Dunkelheit Produktionien has a long history of digging up some of the most fascinating sutff in the history of the genre. They have discovered countless unique groups over the years, and this latest release from Tunjum is yet another gem in a dazzling crown. While Tunjum has been around since 2007, this is the first full length from this Peruvian wrecking crew.With lyrics revolving around the Moche culture, the dominant force in Peru in the first millennium AD the band conjures up strange and devastating mythologies to make you question your sanity.

The crushing assault of a song like La Maldicion De La Bruja is thrilling. It evokes many of the bands influences from the world of old school death metal. The touches of Nihilist are tastefully counterbalanced with the death doom of Asphyx. There is a certain amount of dorkery that makes this album fun, it's sort of a South American answer to all of these new old school death metal acts dominating the touring scene right now. Tunjum are bringing their own brand of riffs to the fore and the riff heavy tracks on Deidades De Inframundo carry you across all sorts of twisted ancient South American soundscapes.

It's fun to listen to death metal bands who perfectly distill the magic of their musical ancestors. South America is a place where this scene has really come to flourish in recent years, but it's fairly uncommon for these bands to make their way north. I hope that with the power of this release and the clout of Dunkelheit that the Slayer inspired devastation of Tunjum is able to conquer the world. This is death metal the way I like it, fast and loose. Meant to send you to your grave and maybe give you a nightmare or two along the way.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Opening Bell - Compound Eyes/Loma Atomal

Another day, another EP, there have been a lot of good ones in the inbox this week. This time we are digging into the latest from Opening Bell, the project fronted by Michael Reisinger the owner Sleeping Giant Glossolalia a label that has released all sorts of goodness from the underground metal scene from Insect Ark to Couch Slut. His latest EP, Compound Eyes/Loma Atomal is his labels fiftieth release, a stunning ahcievement in this day and age and it remains a completely thrilling and mystical one.

Though a mere two tracks, Opening Bell manages to capture a variety of emotions. There is a tense nervousness to the opener, Compound Eyes, the tension that defines it makes it almost scary. It creates the sort of mind melting assault similar to artists like Nine Inch Nails or perhaps even Brooklyn's Jane In Space. The harsh and fuzzed out growls on the second track, Loma Atomal counterpoint a track that is strangely peaceful. It's depressing and downtrodden but it also allows for a lot more space. You find yourself wandering through sonic landscapes defined by their mystical and twisted landscapes.

Altogether, Compound Eyes/Loma Atomal (And for those who might be confused, yes this EP is named after the tracks on it) is a fascinating little release. Though there isn't a ton of music it makes it impossible not to want to check out Opening Bell. This type of dark electronic music is increasingly popular among the metal literati and the weird magic of this EP leaves you biting your nails and gasping for breath. This is heavy by its own merit and that creates a musical wonderland you're going to be clawing your eyes to escape.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Isdal - Demo

I really love these bands that counterbalance fast and slow. It's the sort of thing that feels like an extension on Led Zeppelins idea of balancing dark and light. Such is the case with Isdal, a band named after an unsolved death of a woman in Norway and a sound that reflects that. This is an enormously powerful two track demo with the first song coming searing out of the gate with grind insanity and the second track laying back into some doom metal magic. It reflects a band with a deep understanding of both genres and a desire to fuse them. 

The sheer mastery of both sides of the coin is what fascinates me here. Seattle has a long history of doom metal bands with strong punk and grunge aesthetics. It's a place where grind bands flourish but aren't afraid to toss in elements of slower music. Simultaneously they have a certain artsy aesthetic that makes the focus track here, Weight In My Spine all the more special. This demo represent barely six minutes of music but it suggests a unique songwriting aesthetic that merges a variety of genres into a surprisingly coherent musical sentiment. Watching this band gradually get their shit together and get a more precise sound is going to be interesting. 

At once ADD but also punishing nihilistic and realistic Isdal have caught lightning in a bottle here. I feel like the first melodic line on Weight In My Spine in particular has almost Yob like potential. There are a lot of unique ideas here, the touches of hardcore serve as a thrilling monument to where the band has come from and the forward thinking moments of audacity push towards a sort of poetry that only the greatest doom bands achieve. Isdal could be on the verge of something great, or they could fade into obscurity. Isn't that what we love about this in the first place? 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Woorms/A Hanging - Split

This is an interesting split to say the least. A record that counterbalances a wonderfully slow noise punk band with a thrashy and over the top hardcore band, this split between Woorms and A Hanging is not only a thrilling juxtaposition, but a great way to showcase two damn good bands. There is something inherently exciting about discovering new music on a seven inch, and when the bands bring two very different attitudes to the table it becomes even more exciting to see what is happening and how people operate.

Woorms kick off the split with their single song contribution to the release. Clearly influenced by heavy riff rock like the Melvins and Helmet, the crushing bottom end of The Math Says Yes simply goes to show the sheer amount of sonic punishment that the band is capable of bringing to the table. Toss in a few noisy splurges and you start to get somewhere. However it is a welcome relief when A Hanging kick down the door. The first of their three track contribution, Graft is straight sonic punishment. Within 30 seconds it tells you exactly what the band is all about and you can close your eyes and envision bodies flying and punks going crazy.

Dizzying in its variety and blasting forward with the sort of bloodthirsty magic that makes punk rock so valuable in the first place, this is a split that conjures up images of graffitied basements, stinky crust houses and house shows attended by a devout and passionate group of fans.These are the types of bands who folks like me were raised on. They reflect the influences that are not only key to properly grasping what this music is all about but also showing us there is a path and if we carry on we will find meaning in this nihilistic semi charmed life.

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