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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Anicon - Entropy Mantra

Now these are the heavy hitters who we can't help but to love. Anicon have long been one of the most exciting bands in the Brooklyn underground. It's been two long years since the bands last offering, and now Vendetta Records is bringing you the delicious new release from these over the top and delightfully twisted black metal visionaries. The balls out assault of Anicon and their deep understanding of the black metal genre makes for something that is not only delightfully brainy but also capable of conjuring up the demons within.

I think for me a big part of the appeal of Anicon is how well they capture the black metal aesthetic, and yet they manage to deliver this in their own unique way. The high pitched and violent assault of a song like Paling Terrain only speaks to the breadth of this groups compositional brilliance. Counterbalancing searing melodies with simply colossal riffs, Anicon have gone to prove time and time again on Entropy Mantra that they deserve their role as leaders in the field of USBM. It's also important to note the stunning drum performance of Lev Weinstein, also of Krallice and Woe - he really brings the band to a new level here.

Swooping and mystical, black metal isn't something that everyone can easily get into, especially when it's a dense as Anicon can be. Yet these avant garde moments are perfectly counterbalanced by elements of pure fury. This is a black metal band with breadth and rage. With a sense of devastating terror that makes them truly visceral and songwriting that is simply excellent Anicon have only grown. This is an album that takes you on a journey and while the execution and tone might not always be where it needs to - they clearly have the potential to take on the world.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Skinless - Savagery

It's not every day that a new Skinless record drops in your inbox - I still remember back in 2015 when Only The Ruthless Remain first assaulted my ear drums. I didn't think the band could push even further down into the world of terrifying death metal, and yet here we are, with what is undeniably one of their strongest releases yet. The forward stomp of Savagery speaks to the bands longstanding ability to tear fucking faces off and drives us into bold new vistas of death metal devastation. The band has grown ever more vile, and Savagery is the ultimate statement of this.

There is an undeniable sense of groove on this record that I think pushes this particular offering from the death metal legends ever further. The balls out assault of the bands rhythm section is unafraid to knock out your teeth. The go for the throat madness of a song like Siege Engine which crushes your bones even from the first track only goes to show what Savagery is all about. The sense of momentum that these riffs conjure up is delightful and the perfection of the songwriting only serves to make this record all the more interesting. you can get lost in this record in a way that doesn't often happen in death metal and I love it.

Of course - this is an album that pushes to expand what Skinless can be. Some of the songwriting here sees a strong advancement from the band and the melodic lines hint at a crush that has never been achieved before. The willingness to experiment with different sides of the genre, perhaps most notably with the doom death masterpiece Medieval reminds us time and time again that Skinless are in it for the long run, expanding their sound and hinting at a sense of death metal mastery the world has not seen for years.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Medieval Demon - Medieval Necromancy

Greek black metal is one of the most interesting musical movements of the last few decades of extreme metal. Outside of the obvious torchbearers Rotting Christ, bands like Medieval Demon have kept the flame alive on the underground. Wonderfully twisted and ready to go for the throat the band is preparing to unleash their first full length in 20 years. While maintaining the same core dudes, Lord Apollyon and Sirokous the band has gone ever further down paths of glorious blasphemy towards ultimate black metal slaughter.

It's hard not to love the atavistic tendencies of songs like Ancient evil In The Woods. The demonic croaks and synth padding serve to couch this record in the grand old tradition. The songwriting though is a damn sight stronger than anything we've seen from the band before and it's incredible to get to sink your teeth into some of the best composed music the Greek scene has produced in years. The conjuring of wonderfully bleak ideas and the balls out assault prevalent throughout this record only builds on the bands legacy of torment. Unabashedly old school, but damn good at it, Medieval Demon are on a totally different level from many of their peers.

Sure, these guys are no Varathron or Necromantia but they bring something else to the table. In an hour of wolves and flame Medieval Demon come to show us the twisted burning wreckage of a world best forgotten. This is a band who conjure up everything that made me fall in love with the genre when I was a teenager. They have potent riffs, unrelenting blasts and a strange sense of forward motion that makes them not just inspiring but reminding us that despite this worlds oppression, we can create something greater. OSBM fans rejoice, Medieval Necromancy is here to blow your mind.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Organ Dealer/Invertebrate/Nerve Grind - Split

Talk about a hell of a three way split. Three of the hottest bands in the scene right now have come together on this split to create some truly devastating music. With nary a song crossing the 90 second mark, it's obvious from the first what you're going to get with this release. Yet you dig in anyway because Organ Dealer, Invertebrate and Nerve Grind are among the most exciting bands going right now. there is a chaotic magic to these songs and the devastating crush and sense of grindcore unity here is undeniable.

The ADD magic of this split is such that the second you get a taste for the deathgrind magic of Organ Dealer you are immediately flung into the three contributions from Nerve Grind. While the Nerve Grind guys don't even contribute two minutes of material to the split there more straight, oppressive grindcore assault is the perfect fulcrum to launch you into the infectious madness of Invertebrate. The samples they use are truly excellent and their straight up, no fucks given assault is strangely addictive. The touches of powerviolence on a track like Good For Nothing only serves to grow the mythos behind the band and make their unique assault all the more mesmerizing. Together these three acts unite for a memorable listening experience.

So join me and get lost in these infectious grooves. There are 18 songs to digest in just a few minutes here and this only serves to make you want to spin this blasphemous offering time and time again. A classic case of East meets West we are reminded that we are all one big deranged grindcore family. This is an addictive spin and one that happily serves the listener exactly what they want. Over the top and unafraid to go for the throat, this is a split that is going to enter the annals of extreme music history.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Witch Mountain - S/T

Now this is a monster that I've been wanting to write about for a while. Witch Mountain's new self titled effort isn't just the first full length statement from one of the scenes formative bands in 4 years, but it contains some of the most impressive performances the genre has ever seen. This is the sound of a band who honed their sound on the road and now are getting ready to launch the sort of epics that lead to world tours and recognition far beyond anything that the group has experience before. This is the sound of a band leveling up, and they know it.

The highlight of the record is of course the absolutely insane vocal performance by Ms. Kayla Dixon. Her voice is deeply emotive, capable of seemingly anything, a master of every style she sets her mind too, she is a huge part of why Witch Mountain have come to be the juggernaut they are. Her multilayered take on the bands cover of Spirit's Mechanical World is just one example of how much she brings to the table. Everyone else in the band seems to have achieved bold new  heights in their playing. Nate Carson's drums come across as absolutely cavernous and the perfect complement comes in the form of Justin Brown's in the pocket bass playing. Meanwhile Rob Wrong has brought things to another extreme with some truly soulful playing.

Long story short - Witch Mountain have finally started to achieve their full potential. This is a record that is concise but brilliant. It showcases everything the group is capable of, it does not swagger, but it is bold and unafraid to prove to you that Witch Mountain are among the all time greats. The level of talent that they bring to the table on this record is simply jaw dropping and it hints at an extremely bright future. These guys have been developing these songs for years now, but it's hard not to fall in love at first spin.

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