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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deus Otiosus-Rise

Truly intimidating blackened death metal with great song structures and some very interesting melodic content. This is what Deus Otiosus stands for on their new record Rise. Toss in a few exciting solos and some circle pit inspiring riffs to nicely counteract the black metal vibes and you have yourself the sort of record that you spin again and again with the sort of perverse pleasure that only comes from this kind of music. Deus Otiosus have crafted something that is simply a joy to listen too, and frequently that's all we need.

It's interesting to listen to how Deus Otiosus fuse genres and ideas. They seem to alternate between death metal and black metal riffs rather than going for a more standard issue 'blackened death metal' sound. This is actually really interesting as it puts moving meditative passages next to groovier and chunkier riffs. This comes off especially well in favorites like Don't Fuck With The Dead which combines a powerful death metal chorus with wonderful black metal fringes. Deus Otiosus are best when they use the black metal to add flavor rather than define the sound. Their is a sort of sense of twisted grooves and unholy metal madness that infects Rise making it frighteningly addictive, the sort of thing you only fall deeper in love with as time goes on.

As you feel the stomp of Deus Otiosus start to creep up and take your heart out through your back it becomes frighteningly clear that these guys have a clear mission. They are out for blood, and they've got it. There is no escaping the legendary crush of a band who seem dedicated to all that is unholy and brutal. Blasting riffs and unholy gutturals come together in the sort of magical communion that makes death metal so good. So dig in and feel the power of a band who will not be stopped, this is death metal, and it will destroy your soul.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Stormnatt-Omega Therion

Stormnatt are a very cool black metal band from Austria, and something about their sound touches me on a very distinct and personal level. Sure there album title isn't the most creative, or their music mindblowing, but it definitely speaks to the spirit of the trve black metaller within. With Omega Therion the band manages to bring forth the kind of decrepit darkness that speaks to the soul, maybe not in away you'd expect, but the magic is certainly there. Stormnatt get the beautiful darkness of black metal slaughter, and this allows them to stand tall, masters of a brave new world.

The thing is, Stormnatt understand the almighty rage that makes black metal special. Even from the opening bars of the first song we hear unholy shrieks roaring out of the speakers. At the same time, there is something really engaging about the finely crafted riffs, they penetrate the soul and leave me in awe. Stormnatt are rising above their peers and dishing out death metal destruction at its finest. There is a bridge on the first track, Ascension of the Scarlett Angel which leads into perhaps one of the definitive passages on the record, just showing evidence as to the roaring might and strange triumph of a band who truly get the glory of this genre so many look down upon.

In conclusion, what do you really get out of Omega Therion? Well personally, I find a sense of enlightenment, a way out, a way forward, into the future as I identify with something greater and more powerful than myself. Four albums in, Stormnatt have proved that they are truly legends on the scene and should be regarded as such. The incredible vibes this record gives off are not to be taken lightly, and in my opinion make it a piece of art that is truly worth keeping. So let it consume your soul and revel in the magic, Omega Therion is black metal done right.

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Columns-Please Explode

I get a certain sick pleasure out of deathgrind, especially when it's being delivered by musicians who not only have a clear love for the genre, but also have a pedigree in destruction. Columns new record Please Explode is the kind of mind altering madness that only a true master could come up with. It's hard to immediately understand what Columns in on about, but once you manage to find your way into the blasting madness of a record featuring songs like "Punching Nancy Grace," "Bear Molester," and "Laid of for X-Mas" you certainly feel a sort of perverse reward.

There is a definite sense of groove on Please Explode, if it comes as a result of Southern sensibilities or simply because the musicians thought it would sound good I don't particularly care. All I know, is that even from the opening bars of Mudfucker, you know that no matter what, you will be able to latch on, it's holding on for the duration of the record that poses the real challenge. In the long run, it leaves us battered and broken, men who can't take the attack of an incredibly brutal band who are seemingly out for blood. As they roar through song after song it becomes clear, Columns understand deathgrind in a way that very few otheir peers could claim.

So what is this aberration that North Carolina has birthed? Columns are the kind of band who don't care what you think of them because they are going to run out of the starting gate, screaming like banshees, no matter where you put them. Feel the groove and enter the pit, Please Explode is the kind of the record that shows us the true bleak nature of America. Columns are like unholy prophets, dishing out uncomfortable truths in the most brutal way possible. So come forth my friends and feel the primitive destructive force of this band, there is no way out.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Idre cover art

Idre is not a band you get on first listen. Hell, they're not a band you get on tenth listen. They're the sort of thing you immerse yourself in, and then find your way around. Instead, this is the sort of group who you fall in love with after a few spins, once you start to get a grasp for the immensity of their travail, their position as a band with a wholly unique sound that is at once incredibly loud, and beautifully thought out. There is a very clear magic behind their new record also titled Idre. These Oklahoma natives have birthed something majestic unto the world, it's loud and proud and quite honestly, hard to get a true grip on. The oftentimes tuneless vocals give the entire thing a rather otherworldly vibe. The way the music ebbs and flows is intricate and exciting, the tracks are so long it's hard to get a solid grasp on it too, instead you're just left there, trying to figure out up from down in a world where God seems to have gone crazy. Bury yourself in the sound and find the way out, Idre are crafting surreal and glorious worlds, and once you open your soul up to them, there may not be a way out.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014


You guys know I've long been enamored with black metal bands who honor their heritage. So that's part of why I'm so excited to bring you Siaskel, a band whose record name, Jatenentolpen Thejin is in the language of the ancient (and now extinct) Ona people. Their brand of searing atavistic black metal rips out throats and leaves me at a pure loss for words, so filled with hatred, but also a sort of ancient wisdom. Siaskel get it. These Chileans honor their forefathers, but they also bring forth something dark and angry, torn from a pit that was long forgotten. The blazing riffs and inhuman vocal lines on their new record are incredibly satisfying. They leave a hoary old metaller like me in awe of a band who don't feel the need to follow your rules. Siaskel are coming to reap your soul and make you a slave to a people who were decimated. Find your own path and embrace, it seems like Siaskel certainly have.
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