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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Druid Lord - Relics Of The Dead

Death doom is a really wonderful genre in a lot of ways. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in some of its darkest visions and get lost in the layers of blasphemy that help to make it so special. Such is the case for Druid Lord, a band whose underground aura and wonderful overarching sense of creepiness has made their latest offering Relics Of The Dead an addictive listen chock to the brim with crushing riffs and glorious death metal ministrations. This is underground music done right and it's going to keep you drinking blood late into the night. 

Relics Of The Dead impresses because of the breadth of the vision behind it. This is a death doom nerds death doom record, full of everythign that makes the genre special and really speaking to the sort of great internal darkness that I think we all hope to see from a band like this. The cover art really says it all, this is death doom done in the grand old style, full of evil and occult vibes and delighted to drink your blood at the drop of a hat. Getting lost in the madness is a delight because things will only get more blasphemous and twisted from here. 

Druid Lord are cult favorites for a reason and Hells Headbangers is exactly the label to catapult them to the recognition they so richly deserve. This is doomed death metal from the crypt, for the crypt and letting yourself get lost in the creepy dungeons and morbid hatred that defines this record is a blast. Join me in drinking from the unholy chalice and falling in love once more with the twisted hellscape that only doom death can provide. Relics Of The Dead is a masterful offering and I think we all hope for more soon!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Invultation - Unconquerable Death

Ok so this is fuckin' sick. Invultation are a band who have drank deeply from the well of old school death metal in order to craft a crushing and unique sound that terrifies listeners with its bleak vision and basement dwelling vibes. Their second LP, Unconquerable Death is an absolute bone cruncher of a record, full of devastating riffs and an overarching vision that will have you gasping for air. This is death metal done right, executed at a high level and determined to leave listeners begging for more. The further you delve the more enticing it becomes. 

Unconquerable Death fascinates with the level of depravity that it embraces and the ability to go deep into the darkest corners of the genre and execute with aplomb. It's a death metal nerds death metal record, full of plenty of old school idioms but also with the sort of heaviness and quality songwriting that only comes with years of hindsight and cherry picking some of the sickest moments from the genre as a whole. The end result is an absolute crusher of a record that just keeps on giving. There may be no huge surprises here, but when the initial "Oogh" kicks in with all that glorious reverb on "All Flesh Falls Into Dust" you know you're onto something special. 

Invultation scratch that primitive death metal itch perhaps better than any other band I have heard this year. There are few bands who really understand the power of a well executed blast beat or a hectic riff better than these guys. The throat ripping magic that fuels them on Unconquerable Death is addictive and a weirdly nostalgic good time for old school fans. If you're looking to get your face kicked in by a band who promise to play it louder than hell then Invultation are your band, and they're going to crack your skull in for you. 

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Boris - W


W - now there's a title for an album that immediately turns heads and makes a statement. Such is the magic of Boris's latest offering, a masterful nine track effort where Wata takes on all vocal duties and impresses with a range of sounds shifting from new age to noise. The band once more proves that they have a deep understanding of heaviness that is unique and one of a kind, it's the sort of artsy crush that few of the bands peers can ever live up too, and now, more than a quarter century in it's clear that Boris are really undisputed masters of their craft. 

It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the magic of W. The layers of sound, and the willingness to explore different sides of the genre is palpable. The execution on a track like "You Will Know" is stunning, with layers of distortion and crashing drums coming together with hints at video game music and more in order to unleash something that will just implode your skull. It's a record that terrifies listeners and which seems to continually push itself further, demanding listeners really bathe in volume and come to understand a new level of darkness, a type of sound that only the masters, Boris, can really communicate. 

Boris have proven once again that they are a once in a generation force. Every twist and turn they add to the myth is exciting. Every new vision that they unfold is potent and letting yourself get immersed in the sound is a delight. This is the art of heavy music taken to the most logical extreme and resulting in an endlessly fulfilling conclusion that the band is only going to build on going forward. It's impossible not to be charmed by these Japanese geniuses, so get ready for Friday's release, because you're going to love what they've conjured up here.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Pure Wrath - Hymn To The Woeful Hearts

Now this is a true crusher. Pure Wrath are a one of a kind underground band whose take on black metal is passionate and clearheaded. Their newest LP, Hymn To The Woeful Hearts is a stunner any way you slice it, crushing listeners with incisive riffs but also using tastefully executed atmospherics to keep listeners entranced with the potent darkness that has come to shape this band and give us all a way to get lost in the overarching darkness. It's black metal done right, bringing in myriad elements and with a unique vision - outlining the oftentimes tragic history of Indonesia. 

Pure Wrath have crafted something here that is brutally real. They outline endless atrocities and horrors that scar their nations history, but do so by executing some of the best written black metal I've heard in a good long time. The production is flawless, with tracks like "Presages From A Restless Soul" biting you with tremolo guitars but sounding good enough to keep even relative newcomers to the genre sated. As a rule this is a tremendous sounding release, one that really draws out vast sonic vistas and encourages listeners to look out deeply, experiencing the power of true Indonesian darkness and get lost in the abyss they create. 

Hymn To The Woeful Hearts is an absolute monster of a record, its epic in scale and tackles some very heavy subject matter. This is a record that I think a broad swathe of black metal fans could end up falling in love with, simply because it sounds so good, and brings so much to the table. It's hard not to be impressed by the layers here and the overarching vision behind the music. When you dive into Hymn To The Woeful Hearts you are experiencing a unique sort of darkness that will keep you coming back time and time again.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Old Spirit - S/T

Now this is an interesting one. I feel like so often retro-leaning records don't really gel the influences that they seem so proud to tout. Old Spirit are completely different. They understand the magic of everyone from Arthur Brown to Mercyful Fate and have used it to craft a psychedelic rock record that is creepy and over the top, fully aware of its own bombast and determined to thrill listeners as they delve ever deeper into the weird sonic landscapes that Old Spirit craft on this mammoth self titled debut. It's a stunner any way you slice it. 

There is a real sense of occult rock magic that helps to make this a compelling listen. It's the sort of thing that is aware of its own artsiness, and that ends up being more of a feature than a bug. The end result is a record that feels like it would be straight out of the late 70s. It's a record that captures the imagination with its vision and continually seems to drive towards something grander. If you let yourself get lost in the proggy and hard rocking magic of what Old Spirit have done then you're going to feel an older power coursing through your veins. I know that sounds very 'woo woo' but there's a sense of fun that makes this all very rewarding. 

So yeah - if you're looking for something that scratches that retro itch in a creative way, similar to bands like Old Man Gloom then this is for you. It's creepy and weird and delightful to sink your teeth into. This is heavy rock done right, with an eye for the past and an amalgamation of sounds that hints at a bolder future. Join me in getting lost in the magic and reveling in the glorious and gorgeous sounds that make up this debut from Old Spirit. It's a delight to sink your teeth into and mesmerize yourself with continually.  

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