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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black

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Cannibal Corpse has historically been one of my favorite bands, as they have been for many of you dear readers. I've been a huge fan of their last couple of records which saw the band entering a slightly thrashier page of their existence, a notion especially present on Evisceration Plague which, at the time, felt like the sort of circle pitting war mongering anthem that we needed to truly understand what this band was going for all these years. Yet 2017 is the year of death metal and so it feels good right and salutary that Red Before Black is the heaviest the band has felt in years.

The magic of Cannibal Corpse is that no matter how jaded you might be, how tired you are, how much you hate the world around you, they can always bring you back to being 15 years old and putting their records on the stereo for the first time and being blown away. Red Before Black proves that while, yes, Cannibal Corpse can spread their wings beyond what they are traditionally known for doing, they don't really give a shit about what you think of them nor do they care about what you might expect. They are just going to unleash some of the most crushing, tooth grinding death metal you have ever heard.

In a year when countless young bucks are picking up their guitars and unleashing a hail of death metal riffs the likes of which the world has never before seen, Cannibal Corpse in with swagger and remind us that no matter what we might think, they remain the best in their class. This is a record defined by crazy solos, breakneck riffs and a stunning devotion to slaughter and it means that Cannibal Corpse has become something we can rely on. This is the band who shaped our world and we gotta love 'em. 

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Scour - Red

It's rare these days that we find ourselves delving into the world of truly evil black metal. It's just not a popular genre to make these days, even though black n roll and old school black metal bands continue to shine. That's why Scour, coming from a rather unexpected place is so refreshing. While the individual members of Scour have always had a hell of a pedigree it's interesting to note that none of them really had a reputation from the black metal world. It gives their music a unique feel and a breadth that not many of their peers can truly match.

The devastating sonic assault that we have come to expect from the bands debut release, the Grey EP is only built upon with Red. While there is a much more expansive sound here it's clear the band hasn't given up their edge. Instead they have found ways to evolve within the confines of their sound and have further built up the terrifying go for the throat style the band has come to embrace. What's perhaps most notable though is the sheer power of Phils voice on this record. He pushes himself further than he has on almost any release in recent memory and the bands devasating crush is only pushed further by his diverse talents. 

It often feels impossible to wrap your head around the dynamo that is Scour. They come at you strong, refusing to compromise their music in the name of black metal trends. Instead you see them pushing for ever heavier and more atavistic pastures, creating something that, while couched in old school Norwegian black metal, has a distinctly American sensibility. Scour aren't trying to hearken back to any glory days, instead they are compiling past influences to create a horror the likes of which has never been seen. 

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Midnight - Sweet Death And Ecstasy

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Midnight has always been a band who defied expectations, who refused to play by the rules and who constantly crack skulls with their undeniable black n roll assault. This is the sort of band who revel in the murk, love to fuck with the listener and who have the same sort of glorious satanic triumph that makes bands like Destroyer 666 so amazing. Sweet Death And Ecstasy is these madmens latest offering and one that is almost impossible to find yourself turning away from. The bands strongest release yet, prepare your body for some twisted fucking riffage.

Kicking off with the epic Crushed By Demons, it is pretty immediately obvious that Midnight have started to adopt some more of their well deserved swagger. There is a certain blunt confidence that makes Sweet Death And Ecstasy such an exciting listen. Sure the band isn't breaking new ground musically, but the songwriting is incredibly well done and the execution shockingly precise. As much as you might want to deny the twisted majesty of this band it's hard to not want to drink from the goblet of gore that Midnight paint with their crazed solos and Motorhead-tastic riffage. It's a maggot filled creation to be sure, but that's half the appeal. 

Fusing the best of old and new, tossing in classic gore charm with modern sensibilities and counterbalancing that with what feels like atavistic production Sweet Death And Ecstasy is the album we always wished Midnight would put out. It's an album that careens left and right, goes for the throat and never forgets that the whole point of rock and roll is to piss on your idols. The crazed Ohioans have done it again and made Sweet Death And Ecstasy one of the most rip roaring records of the year. 

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wojzchech/Krupsakaya - Split

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Grindcore has always had a near and dear place to my heart and the twelve inch split is perhaps the forms most notable and important format. This split, between two very exciting bands from across the pond, Wojzchech and Krupsakaya both speak to the power of the music here. Both bands, with the short time allotted to them do their best to unveil some incredibly sickening and wonderfully twisted tunes, going straight for the throat with demented licks that can't help but to mesmerize and charm the listener.

There is a stunning power to what's being done here. Both bands eschew conventional grindcore formats and are comfortable slipping into something a little bit more experimental. There is a magic that brings the groups together, because despite their genre breaking tendencies they still are capable of letting loose with the sort of crippling riffs that will break teeth. Wojzchec's portion of the proceedings is just as vile as they have always been, but they have definitely taken a serious step from previous releases. Meanwhile, Krupsakaya are intensity incarnate, pummeling the listener and forcing us to suffer on their madness.

I've always loved the split format because it can be so addictive. It's tempting to just listen to one side again and again, just as much as it is to keep flipping back ad forth like some sort of demented ping pong ball. There is a devastating sense of anger throughout this release that is fascinating. Wojzchech use their classic pedigree to set up an intimidating challenge and then Krupsakaya come through with something harsh as a a raw nerve, devastatingly too the point and unrelentingly fucking evil. Come on in, the blood is fine.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Complete Failure - Crossburner

It's hard to believe that Complete Failure are back, it's been five long years since 2012's insane and mesmerizing masterpiece, The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault. Their latest offering, Crossburner is the sort of insane politically minded grindcore that we need right now. There is something poetic, transcendent and powerful about Complete Failure's sonic assault here. It's punishingly fast and unrelentingly brutal. Crossburner cracks bones and crunches faces time after time to make a devastating release.

While on Crossburner Complete Failure certainly stick to a lot of the traditional tropes of the genre (And of the band for that matter) this record also sees the group pushing their musical boundaries further than ever before. There is an emphasis on this record of using speeches layered over insane grindcore riffs and time and time again it serves to crack the listeners skull. It's the sort of fascinating and genre breaking release that forces us to acknowledge that there is a whole mess of stuff to still be done in grindcore. Sure Complete Failure regularly build on traditional ideas, but Crossburner is the sort of endlessly addictive grindcore record you can't get enough of.

In a world where most grindcore plays on a lot of the same bland tropes and the political opinions regurgitate the same boring schlock, Crossburner comes at you fast and hard with songs that understand the crushing madness of the modern age and which forces you to ask the key questions. Complete Failure have always been a band who were not afraid to break the rules and grow the genre, and I love it. Beyond that, Crossburner has the same anarchist bloodthirst that makes grindcore so much fun in the first place.

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