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Sunday, October 3, 2010


All right, This is a killer album. Coming just months after their hit debut Led Zeppelin I they come back and prove they are some of the best in the biz with an explosive, psychedelic and technically amazing album There are a couple of high hits on the billboard her including the amazing “Whole Lotta Love”. In fact Whole Lotta Love is the highlight of a great album. Personally I can play 4 of the 9 songs on this album, and there is a reason for that! This is a great album in both the history of rock and the history of heavy metal. This album is in my opinion the first sign of the coming out of Zep as the best band ever. If you deny Zep is the best band ever (or at least better than 99.9% of artists) I will hurt you.
The feel of this album is powerful and metally especially in Whole Lotta Love. The bluesy influence of Plant is still seen though in songs like the Lemon Song. Overall there are some really hard parts, especially considering the Beatles still were owning it up on the billboards and metal and hard rock was just getting popular. Page truly proves he is one of the best guitarists ever on this album. His riff's are truly spectacular. He could have stopped playing after this album and still be seen as a great. The best part of this album is that all the band members get to shine. Some of the songs especially What is and Never Should Be are really driven by the bass line. Page of course proves his rock-godliness even more than he did in 'Led Zeppelin' (the album folks). Then there's Moby Dick, which in concert could be a 20 minute guitar solo. It cements Bonham in his place in rock history as one of the best drummers in all of Rock and Roll as well as metal.
The lyrics are nice and really amazing. Plant has a fabulous voice. (Did I mention I have Robert Plant Tickets :)) He can be both whiny and bluesy and hard and metally. This can be seen in the juxtaposition between Whole Lotta Love (a hard song) and The Lemon Song (a song that gets regular play on blues radio stations). The technical chops from all band members are amazing. Asides from Plant's awesome vocal range there are some of the best guitar solos of all time. Then there are great bass parts in many of the songs. And then of course Moby Dick probably what is the best drum solo of all time.
Overall this is a rocking and awesome album. I really like the LOTR reference in Ramble On :). There are powerful songs like Heartbreaker and Whole Lotta Love. Amazing technical chops from all the band members especially Page's solos and Moby Dick. The lyrics are amazing and have just a great feel and give me a genuinely happy feeling. Seriously after a long day at school I just listen to Whole Lotta Love and BAM I'm happy. If you can listen to this album and not love Led Zep (or at least Page) you have some sort of terminal ear cancer and I am very sorry please accept my condolences.
Led Zeppelin II

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