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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Borrowed Time- Diamond Head

 So after my personal albums release I will review some good WELL PRODUCED metal. Today I'm doing Diamond Head's classic album Borrowed Time. This album features some classic Diamond Head songs like Am I Evil, In The Heat of The Night and Borrowed Time. This is a precursor to thrash, featuring a significantly lighter sound than some darker thrash but its still heavy. This is a good and hard rocking album featuring nice guitars a decent bass, explosive drums, good lyrics and excellent vocals. The riffs are powerful and drive the music and can be both ominous and punk-like often in the same song.
This is a loud and awesome album. Yes the riffs are lighter than on Lightning to the Nations however they are still powerful and drive the music in an explosive and powerful manner. You can definitely hear the influence Metallica got from them. The guitar work is awesome and truly admirable. The bass can be heard well as this is a 4 man group the bass has quite a few good riffs especially in the song Lightning to the Nations. That brings up a slight issues with this album there are remakes of 2 previous songs, which isn't great on a 7 song album. Otherwise the drums are good and can be both high powered and cool and also dark, and ominous foreboding the explosion of heavy metal that is to come.
The lyrics are sometimes dark, like in Borrowed Time, or other times they are about lost love, like in Call Me. Overall they are rather meaningful and fairly deep in content. The lyrics do more than just add atmosphere they are pretty good from a poetic standpoint and convey a lot of emotions. Sean Harris has a voice that can convey a lot of emotion with long sad wails. Actually his wailing can be compared to Robert Plant, he simply has a slightly deeper voice. His voice explodes in Borrowed Time and reverberates in his lordly vocal might. He has a voice that suggests a very Robert Plant like man, his voice is simply spectacular.
Overall this is a very good album with great guitar parts, nice bass fills, excellent drums good lyrics and awesome singing. This is an album that would go on to influence a lot of awesome thrash metal bands like Slayer and Metallica. There definitely are elements of thrash on this album which show you were a lot of these thrash groups found their inspiration. For me the highlight of the album is the singing of Sean Harris, the main problem is that it only has 5 songs worth of new material there are 7 songs and 2 are remakes of old songs. Other than that this is an excellent heavy metal album that anybody who is into thrash should like.
OVERALL 9.5/10
Borrowed Time

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