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Friday, December 3, 2010

Highway to Hell-AC/DC

So today I am doing one of my Dad's favorite albums, Highway to Hell, some classic heavy AC/DC. The album starts out with one of their best tracks Highway to hell and keeps on rocking. It features Bon Scott and is the best of AC/DC in the 70s. This album is spectacular and blasts your ears off it is simply spectacular. The solos of Angus are really amazing and the riffs are some of the best ever heard in rock and roll. This is classic heavy metal at its finest, its got all the elements of a good heavy metal album, its loud, got good music, and has a gritty dirty feel. It has a certain sing-a-long quality that you really only get with heavy metal gods like Iron Maiden. The riffs are awesome and this album is really spectacular however it does lack lyrical depth, but hey its an AC/DC album what do you expect?
This is a great album musically. It has some of the best riffs I have heard and it is good for me to listen to as a musician because it gives me ideas for the stuff I'm writing. (I will record it soon, I will upload the tracks here.) The riffs are really spectacular and worth listening too. They make the album awesome, Angus just has a gift for finding stuff that sounds really nice and that makes you headbang really hard. The solos are also spectacular and are just classic Angus Young stuff. The bass barely comes through, but the drums drive the music well. Malcom Young of course is as always the worlds best purely rhythm guitarists, and I would like to point out know that he is one of the worlds most underrated guitarists.
The lyrics are not very deep and mostly are sexual in connotation. This promotes the gritty sound of the album but it leaves it lacking emotional depth. While it has brilliant music the lyrics leave something to be desired. The words are nicely offset with the guitar riffs though and rather than clashing as they might on some albums they compliment each other nicely. What should also be noted is that AC/DC songs are not all amazing. While on some albums every song has depth and the band has few flops, (like Maiden and Led Zep) AC/DC is shallower and has a lot of generic tracks. They just kind of fill up space on the album. Still the album is very good and should definitely be listen too by any hard rock/heavy metal enthusiast.
Overall this is a good album but it lacks a lot of lyrical depth. The riffs are amazing and the solos are simply spectacular but the lyrics just kind of detract from it. The rest of the album asides from that sounds amazing. There is good production quality and everything is well played but retains that gritty and angry feel. It is very hard and is a good album for headbanging too. It reeks energy and while it does get a bit bland after a while it is high quality bland music. Also Highway to Hell is one of their best songs so this album gets props just for that one simply spectacular and glorious riff driven song. So yeah, this is worth a listen. And now i'm going to go watch Almost Famous again, I love that movie man.

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