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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Raw Power-The Stooges

I would like to apologize for this being the only review of the weekend but I had an international conference and UN politics comes before a metal review blogs with not quite 100 views. So today I'm covering some good old IGGY POP! It is sort of an early pink album with some really good headbanging tracks on it. This album explodes with one of my favorite Iggy Pop songs, Search and Destroy, which does not in fact share anything asides from a similar name with a certain Metallica track. But this album features really loud and explosive protopunk sounds that features a lot of the technical skill that you don't get with classic punk. For me this album blends the sounds of punk and classic rock very well.
The amazing lead track Search and Destroy is then nicely offset by the still distorted but nice sounding Gimme Danger. This track shows off more technical skill and the vocal skill of Iggy Pop. While the riffs are mostly power chord based and sound like punk riffs there are as I mentioned earlier, really good solos that add a sense of completeness to the music and give a distinctly different type of buzz then one gets from punk music. There is more musical skill here yet it retains some of the best ideas from punk like the basic fast and angry power chord riffs that show off considerable riff making skill.
This album does have some replay value, I might not listen to every song on this album in a row again but if I were in the mood I would definitely listen to some of the tracks. Some tracks I might forget now to remember months or years later and be drawn back to Iggy Pop, so this is definitely an album with replay value, if not for the entire thing then just individual tracks. The lyrics are decent and very punk-like stylistically and the way they are sung on many tracks. Some tracks do preserve a more rock and roll vocal style though like Gimme Danger. The guitar otherwise dominates the music and shows off significant technical skill.
Overall this is a pretty good album that features a lot of protopunk type music. It is really good as some of the best tracks like Search and Destroy combine the best elements of punk music, namely simple but extremely catchy power chord riffs with really nice solos that combine for a very nice whole. While the buzz you get from it is slightly different than that of punk music it is somewhat similar and I wold recommend this to anybody into punk and classic rock, or protopunk as they would probably love this album. This is a very good album that I strongly recommend anybody who like punk and Led Zeppelin to listen too.

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