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Monday, December 20, 2010

Twisted Christmas-Twisted Sister

 So, another Christmas metal album review today. This is Twisted Sisters Twisted Christmas album. This is a good very heavy and metal Christmas album. It shows off the awesomeness of Twisted Sister. There is decent guitar work, mostly in power chords, the other instruments do rather well as well the vocals are classic Twisted Sister and make the Christmas carols awesome. Also I wold like to point out that the lead track does not exactly explode out of the speakers, there is a highly humorous “This isn't Twisted Sister” bit that adds a layer of comedy to the album. The guitar parts are very good and allow for lots of headbanging to these Christmas carols, this album while not quite as good as We Wish you a Metal Xmas is still very good.
The guitar is very strong on this album and is very pure heavy metal. Even though Christmas songs are not really meant to have solos they are very well fit in. One of the funniest parts of this album is that some of the songs are based of classic heavy metal. For example the second track O Come all Ye Faithful uses the same guitar part as We're not Gonna Take It. I found this highly amusing and it really added to the album. The drums are classic Twisted Sister with their loud cowbells added to every couple songs. (I for one am in favor of more cowbells) The bass comes through a little but could be more prominent, while it does strengthen the riffs it never gets its own dominating part.
A lot of classic Christmas songs are covered with no lyrical changes. I am once more disappointed at the lack of Jingle bells :(. However there are some pretty good traditional carols not seen on We Wish you a Metal Xmas, for example White Christmas, is kind of a highlight. All of the songs are 100% Christmas carols lyrically though and the heavy metal is just an added treat. The vocals show that Dee Snider still has plenty of juice left in his vocal cords. They are strong and lead the music belting out the lyrics with a strength not often seen in aging rock stars. So overall the lyrics are all Christmasy and the vocals are fine.
Overall this is a pretty good Christmas album featuring one of my favorite hair metal bands jamming to some of the worlds greatest Christmas carols. The music is good and often borrows from classic heavy metal. The lyrics are purely Christmas in flavor and actual content. The singing is very good and powerful. This is a Christmas album you can listen to any time of the year. There is a certain sing a long fell you get here that makes the album really good. So I would recommend this album to pretty much anybody and I recommend that you listen to it this Christmas season Merry Christmas guys!
OVERALL 8.5/10
Twisted Christmas

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