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Friday, January 28, 2011

Almost September

Now I'm reviewing a pretty nice band called Almost September, they are a alt rock band, but really they play all sorts of music. There are some classical songs, some rock songs, theres a lot of really good stuff here. It shows a lot of versatility on the part of the musicians. There are so many influences here it is really hard to describe, there's reggae in the same song as Led Zep styled fills for petes sake! Its insane the type of stuff that they wright, its just so mindblowing the way they make it all flow together into one really great album. The guitar parts are really strong and good and add a nice sound to the music, they seem to have all kinds of influences and can seem to do anything. Some of the guitar fills are literally something you would expect from Slash. The bass is reasonable, but it does not get to many fills. The drums are high powered and often punk-like in nature. The vocals are excellent, they have an amazing feel, they are unique and beautiful, I love them. The lyrics are also pretty good and cover a lot of cool topics. In short this band is amazing and they would totally become rock gods if it weren't for that stupid thing people call the 'music' industry. Even still they have a chance at greatness, they are certainly good enough.

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