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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Before the Ruins

This is my last unsigned review for a couple of days I think. I am reviewing Before the Ruins, a thrash metal band with more death metal type vocals. This album creates a pretty nice death metal thrash fusion type sound. The growls are almost barks, they could be compared to the ferocious shouts of Lemmy Kilmister. The guitars are fast and powerful and go at some jaw dropping speeds and there are some good tapping bits going on underneath some of the vocals. They also create some really great 100% thrash styled riffs. The bass is pretty good, but it does not get many fills its just there. The drums are perfect, high powered and perfectly matching the vocals. Really the drums are the most impressive part of an impressive EP. The vocals are really awesome with a Lemmy feel, but with a harsher more death metal type edge. These vocals are admirable and an excellent effort and I like them quite a lot. The lyrics are classic thrash with all of that anger that makes thrash metal so good. Overall this is a really promising band with a lot of power and speed.

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