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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beneath the Remains

Beneath the remains produces death metal/thrash with a very classic vibe to it. Everything is very complex and ominous sounding, the singer howls as if in agony or rage. The bass is played with tons of groove, and the drums have a very organic sound to them, focusing mainly on the high hat and double bass. I could draw a ton of comparisons between Beneath the Remains and morbid angel, from the overall sense of groove to the seemingly unaltered sound to things. At times, I feel like Beneath the Remains probably plagiarised some stuff from morbid angel, I know I heard one of the riffs from "Obelisk" on Blessed are the Sick somewhere, and "Constellation" sounded pretty close to "blessed are the sick/Leading the Rats".

From what I can hear the songs that Beneath the Remains published are pretty raw and unaffected by studio pitch correction or drum triggers or any of the other plethora of things that more mainstream bands use to manipulate their sound. This rawness, in my opinion, is more "metal" than anything, giving your listeners the closest experience to a live show that you can on a studio album; and demanding the highest quality of technical ability that you can put out, rather than editing yourself to perfection. 

The riffs could be a bit better, and the extreme similarity to Morbid Angel's work is a little bit off putting, but the effort is earnest and well done nonetheless. (9 on the execution, 4 on the originality)


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