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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Fillmore Tapes

 So by lucky chance today I have found a copy of the Fillmore Tapes online. I FOUND A COPY OF THE FILLMORE TAPES ONLINE. As in THE Fillmore tapes, of one of THE most famous Led Zeppelin concerts. This record is a rare find and made my day amazing. This accurately depicts Led Zeppelin shortly after their release of their first album and shows them just as they are starting to get big. Page has spectacular guitar parts, and the other instruments shine as usual. The lyrics are classic Led Zeppelin and heavy blues. Robert Plant has a voice that can blow anybody's head off and all of that comes through on these tapes.
Page starts off with White Summer because they did not have a bass at the beginning of the concert. So White Summer is for, pretty much the first time ever played with an electric guitar. Apparently having an electric guitar in his hands got Jimmy excited and he added some hard rocking off script bits. Overall his guitar is awesome as always. He shows himself as a gifted and talented rock god who can not be stopped by anybody. The solos are explosive, and really just blow your head off. You can feel Page reveling in his joy at playing guitar through the music here. The bass shines, especially in Train Kept A Rollin and Can't Quit You Baby and has a lot of memorable fills. The drums of Bonham are awesome, in particular they shine in Pats Delight which was the precursor to Moby Dick.
The lyrics are traditional Led Zeppelin. They play the majority of their first album on this track as well as some heavier 60s blues stuff. This is classic Zeppelin lyrically and really you could not ask for much more. If you want to read more about Zeppelin lyrics go check previous blog posts. Robert Plant has an incredibly strong voice. You can feel the raw power and might in it in the bands rendition of Train Kept a Rollin. Plants voice is unbelievably powerful and when you hear this record it is frankly amazing. He can lead the music on with his voice, when you hear this album you will be amazed at the power. He also of course has his spectacular range, shrieking the high notes and moaning the low. Overall his voice and the lyrics are awesome.
All in all this is an excellent album showing an early Zeppelin who was just starting to make it big. It is really cool to hear the band live at such a crucial turning point in their careers. The guitar is powerful and riff driven. It shows incredible power. The other instruments have their own awesome parts, in particular Bonham's solo in Pat's Delight is amazing. The lyrics are traditional Led Zeppelin, high powered and awesome. Plant has an extremely powerful voice that really comes through on this album and boggles the mind. My sole complaint is that the production quality is mediocre at best. Asides from that this is a awesome album.

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