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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Matter Of Life And Death-Iron Maiden

 It's called Maiden Withdrawal okay? I did a lot of you unsigned guys earlier today so I decdied to do some hardcore Iron Maiden. I'm doing their 14th album A Matter Of Life and Deat, and they have some pretty nifty cover art. This album is awesome, it embodies what I love so much about Iron Maiden. It starts off with the spectacular track Different World and it continues on from there. The guitar is loud soaring and awesome, the three guitars create a fat sound that goes great with the music. The bass of Harris has tons of great fills. Then of course Nicko McBrain has his spectacular drum parts that just make my life worth living. Dickinson has all of the same power in his vocals, he roars through the music pouring his heart and soul out. The lyrics are solid and of classic Maiden style.
The guitar is pure and beloved Iron Maiden, it has their classic tone that just explodes onto the scene and blows your mind. Maiden keeps their epic feel on this album with some of the greatest intro solos that I have ever heard. Iron Maiden is the best of the metal bands because of their epic style. (Yes I went there) The guitar embodies this epicness. Another major advantage in Iron Maiden is that they had 3 guitars on this album so they can have a really loud and powerful sound. The bass is of course solid. On some songs Harris teams up with McBrain to create a nice rhythm sections, on other tracks Harris will have a bass fill that leads on the music. The drums from McBrain are amazing and just make the music into an awesome-fest. Overall the instruments on this album rock.
The vocals are an impressive effort. Dickinson has lots of raw power in his voice which he harnesses to create some of the greatest vocals in heavy metal. He is fast and powerful, he has a tone which helps to create some great music. I love people with an awesome tone and Dickinson sure is one of them. His voice makes him a metal god. The vibe excreted yes excreted by this man's singing is incredible. Dickinson is a great singer not just because of his voice but also his amazing vibe. The lyrics also help the vibe. On this album the lyrics are mostly about war and religion, often in the same song. Many of the songs question war and religion as well, or show how a man turns to religion during war.
Overall this is a hard rocking effort from Iron Maiden that just made my day with it''s epic power, also it made my math homework less painful. The sound is mindblowing and its chock full of songs that will be Maiden classics. The guitars are huge powerful and awesome, they create a sound seldom heard on a metal album. The bass is awesome, getting both fills and creating a huge rhythm section with the drums. The drums are amazing, Nick McBrain continues to show that he is a drumming god with this album. All in all this is an awesome effort that proves how great Maiden truly is and always will be.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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