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Friday, January 28, 2011


 Today I'm reviewing a pretty cool new unsigned band called Phyrexia. They are pretty much a melodic death metal. What makes this band so interesting is their brilliant use of the keyboards to add a melodic feel to the music. The keyboards really shape the music, giving it almost a mythic quality. This is of course in direct contrast to the extreme guitar parts that are going on here. The guitar is brilliant, the guitarist is a big part of what makes this album great, and his acoustic guitar parts add a great contrast to the hardcore screaming metal bits. The bass is pretty decent but it really just supports the guitar. The drums are really good, they are both loud and soft and add an ominous feel to the music and a lot of quality to the sound. The vocals are some pretty impressive death growls, that while not mindblowingly awesome are still pretty cool. The lyrics are dark and awesome and 100% death metal. I think this is a really good band that uses the keyboard to define their band as something unique and awesome.

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