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Saturday, January 15, 2011


 Today I'm reviewing the great Slash's first solo album, called (creatively) Slash. This album starts off powerful and mean and it keeps going, getting stronger and stronger. This album features a lot of different vocalists from Fergie, to OZZY. Its actually kind of cool that Slash can combine all of these people. This album features some awesome guitar work, proving Slash has become better with age. The other instruments get a small part, but it is nothing special. The vocals are overall pretty good with a variety of singers on this album, all contributing to the music and giving each song a unique feel. The lyrics themselves are also fairly good, but nothing to scream over.
Slash creates the beautiful dancing riffs that he is famous for. These are riffs that fly around song ever to new musical heights, they gradually become more and more awesome. While the majority of songs are hard rock and heavy metal Slash manages to stay fresh, using unique and cool riffs that help drive the album along and make it better and better. The solos are sick, they have a power and energy that is rarely seen in a solo played by a 45 year old man. Overall Slash flies to new heights with this new album, creating all sorts of awesome music. The bass barely comes through but it supports the music nicely. The drums help drive the music but they are nothing special, never really given a solo bit to revel in. But overall the instrumental portion of the album is spectacular.
The vocals on this album are fantastic. Mostly they use metal legends like Miles Kennedy and Ozzy Osbourne, but Slash shows the he is willing to experiment with non heavy metal vocalists, most notably in the song Beautiful Dangerous which features Fergie, and comes off surprisingly well, its an interesting mix of modern pop with 90's metal. Slash said that when he was making the album he wrote the song and then came up with the vocalist who best fit the song, and the vocalists are all pretty much perfect for their songs. The lyrics are as a whole pretty good, embodying heavy metal in all of its glory. From the haunting Crucify the Dead, which has classic Ozzy style lyrics to the high powered We're All Gonna Die (with Iggy Pop), this album is pretty good lyrically.
Overall this is an awesome album. It features a variety of awesome lead singers most notably Ozzy and Iggy Pop, as well as Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. Slash creates an incredible guitar sound on this album, showing that he is still innovative after 23 years. The other instruments have decent parts but nothing to scream about. The vocals are awesome, chosen to match the song, not the other way around as is often done, so this album comes off sounding awesome vocally, the lyrics are also pretty good, but nothing to scream about. My favorite song off this album is We're All Gonna Die, the one with Iggy Pop. Anybody who is into hard rock and heavy metal, or GNR would love this album, it has a very 90s feel. This is a awesome album anybody should like, go listen to it.

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