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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Take No Notice

 Today I am reviewing another unsigned band called Take No Notice. They call themselves a melodic metal band and that seems to be what they are. They have really cool instrumental parts. There are soaring guitar solos, especially in the track Heavy Weight. The guitars are loud powerful and soaring. The bass has a lot of nice fills that allows for a lot more power in the music and generally makes an already strong sound stronger. The guitars and bass combine to create a very nice full sound that helps add a great metal vibe to the album. My only issue with the music is that it is not blow your ears off heavy like you might expect from a death metal band. However with a sound that is lighter than the standard blow your head off metal they create a pretty unique sound. So I think that it works for them. The vocals are classic death metal growls. They are really nice and powerful. The death growls are really well done and I am pretty impressed by them. The growls add a great power and strength to the album. The growls are well contrasted by some really nice clean singing which is also very impressive. The lyrics are dark and 100% metal. They are black as night and show some really cool angry themes. My one piece of advice for this band is to explore heavier guitar parts for this band. There are already excellent vocals balancing light and dark, but the guitar could be turned up on the production track and then these guys could be gods.


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