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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nightfall in Middle Earth Blind Guardian

 Today I am reviewing what will probably be this week's highlight. One of the greatest albums of all time, Blind Guardian's Night Fall in Middle Earth. It is a concept album based off the Silmarrillion a classic novel by Tolkien, you really should read it. This album is the apex of power metal, this is proof that heavy metal is an amazing and wondrous genre. The guitar is loud and strong and helps to drive the music along, it is very well done and I like it. The there is no bass and that provides a unique feel to the music. The drums are average, nothing extremely amazing but still fairly good. All in all this is one of the classic album that defines power metal as a fantastic genre.
The guitars on this album have an amazing quality. They are often loud and powerful but they also have more somber moments. Part of the guitarists skill on this album is not just the technically insane but also there is an amazing balance between hard and soft. There are the beautiful soft intros and then the explosive loud solos. In general this album has incredible guitar parts and the guitarists of Blind Guardian both have my Kudos. The lack of a bassist is an interesting feature of this album as it means that there sound is not truly 'conventional' however the rhythm guitarist actually manages keeping the beat pretty well so the bass is not overly missed. The drums are decent, but they are nothing to scream about. However all of the instrumentalists know what they are doing and can perfectly reflect the mood of the music.
The vocalist is amazing, there are few singers who can manage to get the same gutsy sound. A bold and brave sound that powerful. The reason that these vocals are good is not just the singers skill (which is notable) but moreover his incredible ability to put power into his yells, his ability to make music that has a greater level of power than other singers can even hope to attain. Also the songs have a catchy feel at time encouraging you to sing a long with them. The lyrics are brilliant, they are good at summarizing the Simallarion a story which I truly enjoy. All in all the vocals on this album are excellent, they are powerful and create a great feel and they have wonderful lyrics to sing about and that is a big part of what makes this album spectacular.
Overall this is one of the best albums that I have ever heard. IT is one of those albums that takes music to a whole new level. This album has everything that makes an album that could effectively change music. It has a loud and powerful guitar that perfectly reflects the mood of any song. Then there is the experimental feel because of the lack of a bassist. The vocals are powerful and gutsy, they have a lot more strength behind them than a lot of vocalists put behind their vocals. The story is beautiful and a classic story by Tolkien. There really is nothing I dislike about this album It is simply beautiful and totally amazing.

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