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Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Malignant Beloved

So another nice band now called Our Malignant Beloved, which as band names go is pretty awesome. Their sound is, as far as unsigned bands go also pretty awesome. They have a lot of the elements for a good band, they have a really nice guitar, a powerful bass as well as some good drums. Their lead singer is also very skilled and can use his voice well. The guitar has a lot of thrash influences and creates a good thrash vibe that resonates throughout the music. I also like how the guitarist has a way of making riffs that just have a power just from their very existence. The bass is very good as well, it has a couple nice fills but it mostly helps the drums with the rhythm. The drums are awesome at doing the rhythm but on some tracks they are completely mindblowing and show that this drummer has some SICK chops. The singing is a bit of a mix between James Hetfield and lighter death growls. It has an amazing thrash feel and just seal this band as a thrash group with a great sound. Overall they are an excellent West Virginia thrash band.

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