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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Transcendence-Crimson Glory

 Today I am reviewing a band called Crimson Glory and their classic album Transcendence. They are another part of my power metal week, and they totally rock. They take a different more progressive approach to power metal than other bands but they overall do very well. The guitar has a really nice feel, it is soaring thorugh the music on a powerful wind. The bass is solid and rock steady. The drums are good and provide a nice feel to the music. The vocals are powerful, if a bit nasaly and last the vocals are totally amazing. All in all this is an excellent album and a very solid effort. In particular the instruments are amazing.
The guitar is truly amazing on this album. It has a feel, that is almos magical. It seems to be flying on a powerful wind, the wind of the gods. The power and strenght embodied in the guitar is hard to describe, it is just all powerful. Also it has great range, from quieter acoustic bits to hard rocking Hammerfall-esque riffs. The guitar is often headbanging, and headbanging guitar is the best kind of guitar. The bass is decent, it gets a few good fills, otherwise it just boosts the guitar, the bassist does not seem especially important to this band. The drums are good, they are have quite a few impressive fills that make it particularly wonderful. For a while the drums seem simply average, but then when he gets a chance for a good fill it sounds amazing.
The vocals are powerful and have a great feel. They are unique from a lot of other power metal albums because they are nasally and this gives Crimson Glory a remarkably different feel. The vocals have a lot of power behind them however sometimes when the lead singer tries to scream he ends up failing a bit. What he is good at is holding a note, he is not good at ripping out a demonic scream though. Overall however the lead singer is extremely gifted and already one of my favorites. The vocals are very good and cover a lot of different topics, from fantasy to love. All in all the lyrics are excellent.
Overall this is a very good album with an amazing sound .I really like it, and even though it lacks in a couple places the buzz almost entirely makes up for it. The guitar is soaring and powerful and it sounds really awesome. The bass is powerful and steady and when it gets fills it really shines. The drums are powerful and well done, when the drummer gets good fll going he rocks. It seems that all the instrumentalists know their instruments very well and can create some spectacular fills when given the chance. The vocals are powerful and amazing and have a great sound. The lyrics are also beautifully done. This is one of the greatest power metal albums for a reason, it rocks.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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