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Friday, May 6, 2011

Blue in the Face-doubleDrive

So tonight I am reviewing a really cool post-grunge band called doubleDrive which features the new drummer for Black Label Society. Overall this band has a pretty tight sound and they feature some excellent compositions. The guitar is solid but rarely roaring, it typically has a slightly quieter feel much like that of Soundgarden. The bass is decent when it comes through, it provides a decent sense of rhythm to the band. The drums are solid and have a nice sound, I find them fairly enjoyable and I think that they will fit nicely into the Black Label Society. The vocals are decent if a bit generic sounding, I feel the same way about the lyrics. Overall though this is a fairly good listen that most post-grunge fans will enjoy.
The guitar sound on this album is decent and pretty enjoyable. The guitar fits nicely into the music, however it is not extremely original or face-melting. For me one of the things that makes a guitar player incredible is his ability to blow your head off with his guitar playing and this guitarist, just misses it. Still the guitar playing is decent and fairly enjoyable. The bass is solid and the bass riff at the beginning of Hollowbody is pretty cool. Overall there are some pretty decent bass parts but nothing to scream about. The drums are very impressive for me, there seem to be some highly creative riffs in here. Unfortunately these are offset by a bunch of meh standard drum fills however I think that when the drummer is given the opportunity to shine he does very well. Overall the instrumentalists on this album are pretty cool and are fun to listen too.
The vocals are decent but are EXTREMELY generic for the post-grunge genre. The singer of this band, Donnie Hamby somehow succeeds in sounding exactly like every other post-grunge singer ever. Still the vocals have that nice vibe that make post-grunge a decent genre. The lyrics are also pretty generic. They are your usual grab-bag of love songs and songs about random elements of life. This band is slightly unique because it has slightly more depressing lyrics than most bands but it still is none too original. All in all the singing and the lyrics are decent but nothing mind-blowingly creative.
Overall this is a decent group that could do with a solid dose of creativity. They have a decent sound but it hurts me when I think about how generic they are and how they could be so much better. The guitarist is technically skilled but all of his riffs are meh, the same thing happens to the bassist, he rarely gets a good fill but when he does its like DING DING YOU WIN!! The drums are also decent and are slightly more original than the other instrumentalists but its still kinda meh. Finally the vocals and lyrics are decent but they really are the exact same as every other poste-grunge group. Still this band is worth a listen.
OVERALL 6.5/10

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