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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Right sowe are back on those unsigned reviews. My one is by the Pop-Punk group Flinch. They actually havea decent sound thats slightly more than just power chords! The guitar is decent and has quite a few interesting riffs. Whilethere are often power chords being used there are a sufficient amount of creative bits in the guitar playing to make this a good listen. The bass is also fairly good and it gets quite a few nice fills and it is highly enjoyable to listen too. The drums are solid and keep up a good tempo and seem to have some decent fills. Finally the vocals are decent. if a bit generic sounding. For me at least the vocals in Flinch are pretty similair to thsoe of a lot of other pop-punk bands and that is something that kinda offsets the other good bits on the album. I am not saying that the vocals are bad just a bit generic. However the lyrics are pretty good and they often make me smile so yeah. Overall this is a decent band with a creative instrumental core that could do with slightly more original vocals. Still if you're into pop-punk these guys are totally worth a listen.

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