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Friday, November 18, 2011

Picture House

Picture House is a very creative Math Rock band from Britain. Their sound features all the funky timings and weird scale patterns that make Math Rock such an adventure to listen too. The guitar sound is odd, the bass is very solid the drums are a great example of math rock drumming and the vocals seem kind of abstract. Let's get in deeper with the guitars, I really like a lot of these note patterns and they lead to some really cool tasty music. I haven't heard guitar this far out in a long while. And while there are few crazy soaring parts the sheer technicality of the basic verse and chorus parts leaves an impression on you. The bass parts are also very trippy. They are fairly unique in that they at all follow the guitar parts. While they definitely are in the same key and harmonize well the bass kind of does its own thing. and that's really good it helps make this band more unique. The drums to are really fun. They nail the bizarre rhythms rampant on this EP. I have yet to be dissapointed by the picture house drummer and his great rhythm skill. Finally we have the vocals, they are not at all harsh and actually kind of sweet, I find them very calm and almost poppish. Yet they are quite pleasing to listen too and give the music a nice little indie feel. Overall Picture House is a fun and skilled Math Rock band showing off all the best parts of the genre.

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