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Saturday, February 4, 2012


E.N.D is a post thrash band from Croatia with a very brutal sound that could basically be described as a more brutal and slower version of Slayer. In brief, these guys are remarkably good. The guitars are heavy, the bass work is powerful, the drums solid and the growls very brutal. The guitars are particularly good when they show off one of their burning hot riffs. The riffs are interesting because they're not extremely fast, but they also don't go for a slow doomy feel. They stay nicely in the middle and give you something to headbang too. The bass s very solid and the domination it has over the music at times reminds me of a few Pantera riffs. The drum work is very solid, and while the battered toms may get repetitive after a while they add a lot of energy to the band which is crucial when the riffs are at middling speed. Then we have the growls, they are of middling range and sick reminding me of bands like Amon Amarth in their sonic texture. (Of course E.N.D has no viking element.) In conclusion E.N.D is a really cool thrash band with a very nice sound that is totally worth checking out.

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