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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Eritherium is a pretty cool death metal band showing a nice combination of sounds ranging from Atheist to Death. They have a slight tech death sound with a lot of that old Florida style. The guitar work has some nice solos and intros but the rhythms are pretty basic and kind of generic after a while. Some catchier more melodic rhythms would help these guys out a lot. The progressions though get a lot cooler when the bass comes in giving this band a very unique feel. The combination of bass and guitar is pretty cool here and it makes the band a lot more flexible than they would be otherwise. The drum work is decent but it sounds a bit muddy in the mix, while it is technically correct, the poor production hurts it. The same goes for the vocals, they have kind of an old school florida feel but the poor production kills it. And it's sad because when the production is actually properly done like at the bridge of Equidistant (around 4:25) this band can really rip your head off! But when the rest of the song is muddy it's not as fun. So my advice to this group is to improve their production so they can be truly awesome!

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