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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mostly Away

Mostly Away is a pop rock and from my home country of France. Their sound is significantly better than most groups from here, and certainly appealing to an international audience. The guitar shows a major shoegaze influence in it's calm rhythmic stylings. One might even compare them to the clean parts of Alcest songs. Yes, they are that good, just not quite as kvlt. The bass work is pretty simple but has a simple thudding beauty to it that makes the music seem a lot more full and powerful. The drum parts are usually pretty simple but often use the crashing cymbals to add a bit of flavor to the music. I particularly like the drumming on their track It's Only a Dream, which really makes a simple drum fill oh so very tasty. Finally we have the vocals, with soothing calm vocals lines this band is very relaxing and reassuring. Their overall sound is extremely well put together and the production is brilliant. So, go check out Mostly Away, you might like it!

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  1. Good album, especially Perfect storm and Necessary evil