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Monday, July 30, 2012

Jeje Guitar Addict-The Fractal Reason

So today I had the pleasure of checking out fellow Petrucci Forumite Jeje Guitar Addicts' new instrumental record The Fractal Reason. The playing is a fascinating combination of djent, jazz, metal, and classical. Its really my kind of thing. The guitar playing is illuminating and with tons of heavy bits the headbangers will thoroughly enjoy this album. Meanwhile there are some more emotional acoustic parts that sound particularly good. There is even an instrumental pop punk song “Happy Alone” I didn't even know that was possible, but Jeje pulls it off. The bass playing is pretty phenomenal, and while the bass mostly exists to back up the guitar there are definitely some cool moments on this record and you will not cease to be amazed. Meanwhile the drumming is stellar. With a ton of really cool rhythms and beats this is a really cool sounding record drum wise. The playing is great and won't fail to excite. Finally we have the keyboards which are only present on a handful of songs. Yet they can be atmospheric and moody or there high powered and piano driven songs that add a lot to the music. It also adds a really nice classical feel at times and it proves Jeje's mastery of the instrument. All in all this is a very cool find which you should really check out!

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  1. What the f@&*, I listen to the album and I'm really blown away. I can't comprehend how can a simple "Nobody" like jeje from Asia is so much more sensible and plays more cooler than John Petrucci.

    This is a testament that handful of Youtube and unknown shredders are better and even more technical than famous big names.

    Screw those big names for taking all the buck and recognition, while leaving talents like this unrecognized.