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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midnight Aftermath

Litany portrait
Midnight Aftermath is a prog metal band very much in the vein of Queensryche or Dream Theater. With a sound that truly hearkens back to their prog heroes these guys are really fun to listen too. The guitar work is complicated and often Petrucci-esque. I find a lot of the riffs to be very tasty and some of the rhythms are just great! The bass playing is solid and some of the lines remind me of Ray Riendeau's playing on Star Monarchy Volume 1. I really like his beating rhythms. The drumming is awesome and shows an awesome performance. With a combination of crashing fills with solid double bass parts he does not disappoint. The fact that this band has two drummer is really cool and it makes for a fairly unique sound. Finally the vocals are killer and the singer can really nail it. He completes the band. My sole recommendation is that this group improve their production a bit because as it stands the songs could definitely have a better mix. Yet with stellar songwriting and great musicians Midnight Aftermath could very well be the next boig thing in prog!

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