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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not By Design

Not By Design is a cool new wave indie band that reminds me distinctly of Coldplay. Their sound has the same atmosphere and beauty that a traditional Coldplay track has. The guitar work is pretty simple but it gets the message across. It has a pretty amazing aura and is very fulfilling and powerful. The bass work is solid and some of the heavier lines are really fun. I particularly like the pulsing bass in the track Lesser Limits. The drums are the basis of this bands sound. They have a soothing surging feel to them that shows a gifted drummer bringing out some really great beats. He does a great job of bringing the band up to their finest. The vocals are emotional and almost strained. You can hear the singer putting his heart and soul into the music and trying his hardest to get EVERYONE to connect. It's really cool to hear the power behind his voice. Overall, Not By Design is an awesome modern rock band who you should check out if you have any interest in the genre. So yeah, enjoy!

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