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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sonic Pulse

So when Sonic Pulse came to me as a thrash/power metal band I was a little worried, because for me thrash/power metal means Toxikand Steeltrooper which in turn means AWESOME. Fortunately for them though Sonic Pulse does not disappoint the legacy of their musical ancestors and instead bring forward some ferocious and fun power metal. The guitar work is solid and filled with energy, it's impossible to not want to headbang to these guys. I particularly like their track Sonic Pulse which shows off quite a bit of guitar mastery. The bass work is pretty heavy and really keeps things intact. However there are occasionally cool bass fills which add a lot to the overall quality of the music. The drumming is fast and aggressive, I especially like all of the crazy fills the drummer seems to have. They accurately reflect the magic of Toxik to say the least. Finally we have the lyrics, they are fun and high powered and show the band to be a bunch of fun loving alcoholics. In other words, really cool guys. The singing is also rather good and has all of the swagger and glory of Lemmy Kilmeister himself. In conclusion, Sonic Pulse is a fun and crazy power metal band who you should really check out!

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