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Friday, August 10, 2012

Vulture Kult-Don't Let Rock and Roll Ruin Your Life

Today we have a review of a band called Vulture Kult. They are a true rock and roll act playing hard and dirty music. They reek of confidence and you get the sense that this band is destined to succeed. With tasty guitar parts filled with bluesy licks this band draws you into their sond. The solid bass work features lots of walking lines and provides a very solid rock and roll backing. High powered drum work adds a sense of fun to the songs and really takes you back to the garage sound that this band is trying to emulate. Really, Don't Let Rock and Roll ruin your life is a true slab of rock and roll that will pick you up and take you away to a land filled with fun. Vulture Kult is one of the last true rock and roll bands. Their sound is dynamic and tasty, prepare to be blown away.

The heavy guitar riffs often have a Motorhead feel. They have a manic energy to them that really brings the music to life. There is a dynamic power at play here that will not leave you bored. The bluesy playing of the guitarist adds a huge rock and roll feel to the music. In particular the hgih powered playing on Avenue H. calls up the true garage magic. The overall simplicity of the playing also shows the garage fun to be found in this album. However don't let that deceive you into thinking that the compositions are dull. In fact they are tasty and show off a lot of skill. With an raw power that doesn't let up until the albums final two acoustic tracks the compositions on this album willnot leave you bored. In other words the guitar playing on this record is very fun, very heavy, and simply unforgettable.

The walking bass lines add a true rock and roll feel to this record. In fact some of the more manic lines remind me of John Paul Jones' crazy playing on the Led Zep classic Communication Breakdown. The more thudding quality of the bass dominates tracks like Vultures from Above which shows off an extremely heavy and powerful bass line. Really, the most important aspect of the bass is the energy it adds to the music. With the drums this rhythm section will not leave you bored. In fact the high powered and hectic playing of the drums adds almost a punk feel at times. Making the band seem barely together he really drives the group forward, forcing them to be harder and faster. The solid bass drum playing allows for some excellent build ups and rhythm bits on tracks like Go Loose. All in all, the rhythm on this album is tasty and powerful and wil not leave you bored.

Last of all we have the vocals. Filled with energy this bands singer is a powerful shrieking force from the abyss. His singing is so full of life that its hard to deny this man rock and roll supremacy. He adds a truly wild feel to the music, keeping it dangerous and unpredictable. In a way his shrieking adds a nice punk feel to a lot of songs. However, there is definitely room for other stuff, with strangely calm vocals on the quiet and calm Movie and Me we see a different side to this singer. The lyrics scream rock and roll, and while some are about parties and being a rock and roller, there can be a more contemplative side. They show the band to be fun loving party goers who like to get philosophical. All in all the singing on this record is excellent and with very rock and roll lyrics this will truly be a blast to the past.

In conclusion, Vulture Kults' new record, Don't Let Rock and Roll Ruin Your Life is very likely going to make you want to let rock and roll ruin your life. With a crazy and uncontrolled sound these guys reek of true rock and roll. They have the wild bluesy energy that so many of the greats had. Combined with an excellent punk attack these guys become quickly unforgettable. The manic guitars are fun and high powered and will keep you entertained for hours. Meanwhile the thudding bass has a sound that will appeal to all fans of rock. The high powered drums keep everything energetic and pumping. Finally the vocals are shrieked and have an evil rock and roll energy to them. So go out and listen to this album, it will bring you back and give you a slab of true rock and roll!

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