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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

See the Sky-NWODOA

See the Sky is a rather unique band with a sound that takes all of the experimental magic of Meshuggah and Periphery to a whole new level, leaving djent in the dust and instead taking on a whole new aspect that often defies words. This is a band that is not afraid to be completely unique and pummel you into submission. This band goes beyond what normal humans are capable of processing and instead create some sort of "super-music". Their new album NWODOA is an exploration in controlled insanity, prepare to be blown away.

The guitar parts are complex and often feature atonal parts that seem to defy comprehension. In some ways they could be compared to post-modern composers in the way they explore melodies. The guitars are particularly interesting in the rhythm figures they use. While definitely not normal they are also not djent. Instead they take on their own flavor and are distinctly unique. The rhythms embraced by this band really help set them apart from the masses. In addition, the raw technicality of the parts will blow you away. These guys really know what they are doing.

The bass work is very solid and features some nice thumping rhythms that are in the vein of a lot of more basic hardcore bands. It helps drag the sound down while adding a rough edge to the music. It is definitely not something I am used to and I really like the way it fits in. The drumming is also pretty solid, there are simple and prolonged rhythms that arethen counteracted by hugely complex fills. Then, as mentioned before, when the drummer gets into his super complex (but not djent) rhythms he brings the music to a whole new level and carries you away to a whole new world. 

Finally the vocals are an interesting combination of cleans and hardcore type growls. The cleans are very beautiful and often in the vein of Dream Theaters James Labrie. However they segue nicely into vicious hardcore growls that add a very angry edge to the songs. It gives the music a new side. Lyrically this band is pretty out there but I will say that they do give you something to think about. Overall this album is pretty interesting vocally with the combination of cleans and growls and even choral bits. These guys know what they want to do, even if it is a bit strange.

In conclusion, NWODOA is one of the most interesting albums that you will read all year. The music on this album is beautiful and bizarre. It goes beyond almost all music that you have ever heard, yet it somehow stays coherent. Maybe its the great musicians, maybe its the fantastic lyrics, but somehow it stays together well enough to blow your mind and take you to a wonderful realm of experimental music!

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