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Monday, November 5, 2012

That Hideous Strength


That Hideous Strength is a pretty cool progressive metal band who sound something like I imagine Opeth did when they where young. Their is spectacular musicianship here. There are all sorts of cool song structures and riffs upon riffs. This is a band that knows how to execute.Their music is layered and beautiful. They have a nice combination of growls and cleans. I think they do a good job in finding balance and not becoming posers while doing it. Overall, these musicians are brilliant, they really know how to create interesting and varied songs that don't descend into boring 20 minute riffs. The music manages to stay vibrant and interesting.At the same time the lyrics properly reflect the epic arrangements and help give the music a sense of power. In conclusion, The Hideous Strength is an epic and beautiful band that will blow you away with their maturity and musical excellence. Go check them out!

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