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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Aniza

Eden Razed

The Aniza is a proggy melodeath band from Sonoma County. Their music is brutal and yet very melodic. They use some really heavy Lamb of God type riffs mixed in with a healthy dose of Dethklok bravado. This is a band that understands how to make engaging technical death metal. Very few acts can create a sound this brutal, and this technical and yet still let it have groove. I feel like the LoG type riffs really help out here. This music would please many a headbanger in that it fines a nice balance between straight up death metal and something a bit more operatic. Another thing I would like to point out quickly is that this bands bassist is insane! He has a ton of crazy riffs that add a lot of flavor to the songs. Overall though, I really like the concept of the metal being so huge and powerful that it takes on this classical aspect and I hope you will too. Go check them out!

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