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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Huldre-Intet Menneskebarn

Huldre - Intet Menneskebarn
Huldre is a folk metal band that takes everything that is boring and decadent about bands like Nightwish and supercharges them with a beautiful folk energy. This band takes major parts of both the symphonic and folk metal traditions and creates an interesting sound that will blow you away. Their are of course the standard metal guitar providing atmosphere as well as a solid rhythm section. Yet it does not mean that this band shies away from extended flute, violin and hurdy gurdy solos. Finally, the vocals are the icing on the cake, providing a beautiful layer of Nordic melody and poetry to the songs.

The guitar work on this album is usually fairly simple. Very much in the vein of viking metal bands like Korpiklaani. Their is a high energy power metal party aspect on a lot of the tracks here. One song that really illustrates this concept is Brandridt. On other tracks there is rather minimal use of the guitar. In this way I am often reminded of groups like Midnattsol. There are also a few black metal influences here and there that help  to show off the power of the band. Overall I think that the guitars are really well applied and add a lot of flavor to the music.

The rhythm section is very solid and does a good job of handling both the metal and folk aspects of the music. The bassist provides a throbbing heart to the music even when the guitar is not present. He really helps the bands deliver on songs like Gennem Marksen which are fairly guitar light. The drumming is interesting in that it provides a lot of energy, yet seldom sways from fun Danish folk melodies. Yet when it does, things really explode in brutality. It's quite interesting to here. Overall this band has a tight rhythm section who will not fail to keep you listening.

The folk instruments are the true heart and soul of this band though. Given that this group is more folk than metal this is not really surprising. Yet the moan of that hurdy gurdy never fails to capture my heart. I also really like the violins. I feel like they add a lot of melody and flavor to the music. The flutes are also rather tasty and pretty impressive in their solo spots. Finally, the lute adds a strong medieval feel to the songs. It takes you back a thousand years and into the realm of true folk music. Overall, the folk instruments provide a strongly beating heart that you can't help but love.

The vocals are airy and beautiful. They provide a very nice Nightwish touch to the songs. The singer on this album is a true master of her voice. I really like her range and style. I feel like she really captures the magic of those days long gone. The fact that she sings in Danish helps to add to the magic of the music. It shows a hidden beauty of bogs and fjords. The vocals bring forth a true Norse feel to the music. Even if the folk instruments are this bands' heart the vocals are the face. They pull you in and make you fall in love with the music.

In conclusion, this is a stellar folk metal album from a band who understands the ethos of the genre. Their music is beautiful and passionate. This is something that you fall in love with and never put down. These guys get folk metal and execute it properly. From the dancing fun of Spillemand to the epic Skaerslid this is an album you might not be able to put down! So go check out this band and buy their record!

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