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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Doe Kill Hooves

DKH cover art

Doe Kill Hooves is a fabulous sludgecore band who incorporate some destructive breakdowns to make their sound even more powerful. Few bands capture the raw energy and brutality that DKH has. A perfect combination of hardcore and sludge metal the blend works incredibly well. The raw riffage of sludge metal fits in nicely with the crazed energy of hardcore. Then the breakdowns really take the music to the next level. I particularly like the song Crows, I feel like it summarizes the band in a nutshell. Perfect fodder for both sludge metallers and fans of more mainstream stuff I get the feeling that if the band makes it big they could sheperd a lot more people into one of my favorite metal subgenres. To finish, this is a band that could change the scene, if they get big. I would highly recommend checking them out, their unique sound will blow your head off!

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