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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wings Denied

Awake cover art

Wings Denied is an excellent act band that many a fan of the genre will adore for their solid djenty riffs, artful combination of vocal styles and solid songwriting. I really like the idea of having djent with predominantly clean vocals. I think it helps show off some nice vocal frills that fill out the sound. That said, the use of growls is very tasteful and I think the use of two vocalists is a very good idea. The melodies are strong and while technical there is still something people can connect with and sing along too. I think the main idea is that the sound essentially fuses TesseracT and Deftones. It has the djent that tech death metallers will love with the hooks that the average dude can enjoy. A band for djentlemen to use as an introduction to the genre for their friends as well as a gateway band for rockers to fully appreciate this beautifully technical genre Wings Denied strikes a nice balance that will resonate with many a fan!

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  1. Thanks, much appreciated. Been looking for djenty prog with clean vocals, it's such a nice dynamic combination.