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Friday, February 8, 2013


Abysse is an instrumental French metal band with a colossal sense of groove that gives their compositions a unique flair. On En(D)grave they show themselves to be capable musicians with some truly brilliant ideas. Far from the jazzy djent that seems to dominate modern instrumental metal (instrumetal?) En(D)grave seeks out its own vibe that is at once tasty and truly metal. Compositions that will make you move your body to the music and bang your head to the beat this is truly one for the ages.

The songwriting on this album is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, it does not heavily rely on jazz techniques to fill out the song, going instead for a more purely heavy metal approach. Additionally, the songs don't just descend into flashy guitar part after flashy guitar part. Instead they are pieces with a sense of purpose that reaches beyond just trying to wow the listener, this really helps to establish Abysse as their own entity, something that is more than the average instrumetal group. The fact that the music is accessible and well thought out does wonders for the overall appeal and sound of En(D)grave,

In conclusion, En(D)grave is a delectable musical achievment that proves once and for all that modern instrumetal can be both appealing to the general public and not overtly flashy. With En(D)grave Abysse seems to seek out their own path, a way forward from the jazzy threnodies of 2012.  A record that all metalheads will love and not just guitar nerds this album will provide you with fun jams and lots of groovy power.

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