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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Aether Realm-One Chosen by the Gods

American Viking Metal bands are often criticized by the Europeans for not having the “true viking blood” that is apparently so key to being a god of the genre. Personally, I've always thought that was a ridiculous idea and Aether Realms debut further serves to upend that notion. Their new album filled with Ensiferum like riffs and melodies to shame Norther Aether Realms is a fokl metal legend in the making. Rarely am I so blown away by the sheer majesty of a band, yet Aether Realms manages to do just that.

The epic keys add a taste of Wintersun into the mix. The songs are overall fairly short, with the longest capping out at a bit more than 7 minutes. This means that the tracks are able to stay dynamic and interesting with no real dull moments. Instead Aether Realms drives ever forward pushing the record to new levels of northern magic. I really like this bands approach to the genre. It seems to me at least that heavier viking metal bands like Amon Amarth are starting to dominate the scene so its awesome to see a band with more emphasis (but not too much) on the folkier side of things.

To finish, One Chosen by the Gods is an album that manages to make an artistic statement and show that the genre is far from dead. Instead we have a thriving new band who will come forth and bring the glorious pagan bands of yore back to their former glory. Aether Realms is here to stay, their music is passionate and bold and filled with the true blood that makes the genre so good. Just because their ancestors are not “Pureblood Europeans” aether Realms is still trve. They understand folk metal and will fight for it until the end.

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  1. These and Brymir are showing the old guard how it should be done.