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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Buckshot Facelift

Elder's Rasp cover art

Buckshot Facelift is self described as "Goat Flavored 667% Grindcore" and frankly that's pretty much on point. Heavy tracks mixed with patches of neofolk and a true dedication to the genre prevail on their new album Elder's Rasp. With an interesting combination of songs that vary between the 29 second blast of acoustic magic that is 522 Rest and the surprisingly epic 5 minute 52 second track Unforgiving Seas of Quetzacoatl. Yes, a 29 second acoustic part, yet in the context of the album, it WORKS. And don't worry grinders, while there is a lot of more musical stuff here there are still a good bunch of true grindcore tracks. I was actually really impressed at the overall quality of the songwriting on the album. While undeniable grind, these guys manage to pull off some stuff I have never head before. I mean, seriously, a grind band with a song over 5 minutes long, with a calm acoustic passage no less? Yet it works, it all comes together to create a beautiful but brutal beast that punishes the eardrums. Elder's Rasp is an extremely solid grindcore release that shows a promising band with enough raw anger and talent to take over the scene.

Listen to Elder's Rasp at the Buckshot Facelift bandcamp!

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