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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Recursions cover art

Cryptodira is in many ways the ultimate prog band. Gloriously nerdy and very obscure their sound is beautiful yet dominating. They combine a variety of metal genres to create a hyper intelligent and very complex blend of sounds that rival the works of even the greatest bands in the genre today. Yet they are still very much their own thing. With a significant post metal influence their prog metal dorkery is combatted by a slow and crushing sense of purpose. There are even moments of grind and hardcore which add a really interesting layer to the music. I'd also like to mention the huge role of the bass in this band, it really creates an awe inspiring bottom end. Overall the song structures are also ridiculously complex and feature lines that simply blow my mind. In conclusion Cryptodira is prog to baffle the mind. Their music is epic in scale and abstract in execution. Moments of hardcore collide with experimentalism in a cathartic metal experience. 

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