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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Burning Mirrors

Burning Mirrors are a nifty progressive metal outfit from Los Angeles. With a clear influence of acts like Underoath and After the Burial these guys have a tight and fairly technical sound that uses some wonderful soundscapes to create an epic and powerful music. Their debut single Tether is rife with a manic energy and prog artistry that shows the potential that these guys have. The flow between cleans and growls is done pretty well.  I really like the meatiness of the cleans too. They help to keep the sound from thinning out and becoming too weak. Seeing as Burning Mirrors have no keyboardist some might criticize the fullness of this bands sound, yet they more than compensate with a raw death metal aggression.  The bands energy is only built upon until the final cathartic power chords, bringing the song full circle. A promising prog act from SoCal I am very excited to see what Burning Mirrors puts out in the future!

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