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Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Hammerdrone is a tight blackened death metal band who use some great riffs to obtain a full and epic sound. Their music has a certain unholy majesty to it that few bands can obtain. It is filled with Behemoths raw evil and Ghosts strange mystery. Their is an evil rife within their music and their new EP A Demon Rising fully demonstrates that. Hammerdrone is a band with a fully realized and destructive sound. They constantly drive their music to new levels. What really makes this record awesome though is that its raw black metal with a death metal sensibility. While most blackened death metal bands seek to fuse the styles musically Hammerdrone find something more. Their sound is filled with a sort of black  metal magic as well as death metals earthy and destructive textures. Hammerdrones sound is profound and somehow beautiful. The end result is a sweeping metal tour de force that shows the power of the genre. 

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