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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nailgun-New World Chaos

Oftentimes modern power metal lacks any true heavy metal grit. Instead the music becomes weak and incapable of achieving its true potential. It is hard to find a power metal singer with a true darkness in his voice on the modern scene. Enter Nailgun, with bombastic vocals and a rather gothic overall sound Nailgun is a darkly majestic power metal act who seek to bring the genre to a new level of blackness. Getting much heavier and grimmer than most power metal stalwarts would dare New World Chaos shows a young power metal act at the top of their game and ready to take on the world,

What needs to be realized about New World Chaos is that it in timbre it is far heavier than most modern power metal, yet it still fits into the genres maxims. The guitar work on this album is filled with fun melody lines and heavy riffs, oftentimes with both going on at once. A great example of this is the track “I have enough” which features a bright intro solo contrasted by shockingly heavy riffs and a low pitched vocal attack. It should be noted that despite the vocalists low voice he never descends into growling or even shouting. Instead he uses its natural bombast to control the darkness inherent in his voice and harness it to bring the bands sound forward, making it into its own distinct breed of power metal.

In conclusion, this bands uncharacteristically heavy power metal sound allows them to become a unique creation with innovative ideas. With just a few spins it has become one of my favorite power metal releases of 2013 thus far. A band that provides some spice to an over saturated European scene Nailgun proves that there is still some interesting music to be had in the world of power metal. For any fan of the genre New World Chaos will be a fun listen that is worth a couple of spins. While not earth shaking its definitely more creative than most of the modern scene and I am very interested in seeing where Nailgun takes their sound in the future!

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