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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Eternal Judgment cover art

Radamanthys is a tasty melodic death metal band who fuse elements of the sounds of Dethklok and In Flames. The end result is a tasty sound that seeks it place in the melodeath pantheon alongsides the greats like At the Gates and Therion. Suffice to say Radamanthys's rapid and electric sound is rife with potential. The spicy riffing allows the band to really pull in the listener. Their are also quite a few spectacular and often flashy solos. I feel though that the tracks could overall be a bit thicker and meatier. That is not to say there is no bass, in fact there are quite a few great bass fills on the track Tartarus. The songs flow quite nicely and show a great understanding of what constitutes a good melodeath track. The growling is fairly well executed and the vocalist manages to give the music a great death metal atmosphere. As a whole Radamanthys comes across as a group of talented and very skilled individuals who know how to write epic and beautiful songs with power and emotion. Something for all fans of the melodic death metal lords to check out!

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