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Friday, April 5, 2013

Rising Feud

Rising Feud

Rising Feud is a tight heavy metal band from Bucuresti. With lots of tasty Iommi-esque riffs their soudn is driven ahead by an old school heavy metal might. toss in some really fabulous walking bass lines on songs like Haven and you're in for a rocking good time! A fun band to kick back and headbang too Rising Feud have an epic sound that is often reminiscent of Iron Maiden. Their lead singers deep voice and tendency for bombast helps to further this comparison. Meanwhile, the powerful solos are almost Hendrixian at times, and at others reminiscent of KK Downing of Judas Priest. As a whole a very tight band with quite a few tasty riffs and nice sing a long choruses Rising Feud is a powerful heavy metal act who fans of the classic stuff should enjoy. Brought together by solid songwriting and a dead ahead attack Rising Feud have a remarkably mighty sound that seems like it could easily conquer the world. I'd love to see these guys upload more music, filled with potential as is, its exciting to think where they bring their Iron Maiden inspired sound in the future!

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