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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gacys Threads

The Ignorance of Purity - 2011 cover art

A chaotic hardcore band from Belfast Gacys Thread have a surprisingly unforgiving sound. They are another tribute to the greatness of the Savour Your Scene label. This band does not bend or break, they simply rise again harder and stronger. Do not go and listen to Gacys Thread if you are expecting merciful music. Instead anticipate an uncontrollable torrent of raw energy that will smash your skull in and enslave you to the grinding rhythms of Gacys Threads. Harsh, crude and completely effective Gacys Threads take no prisoners approach to hardcore shows a band who seem capable of tearing out throats across the globe. This is a group of extremely talented musicians who create some truly awesome hardcore criffs that resonate with the soul and make me want to start a circle pit in my bedroom with my cat. Mosh friendly and drum-tastic Gacys Threads will appeal to fans of true hardcore while modern day poser-scum will have no idea what hit them. Fresh and beautifully destructive it seems that the members of Gacys Threads have a huge future ahead of them!

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