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Friday, May 3, 2013

Jeff Hanneman, in memoriam

At this point I'm still in shock. Jeff Hanneman, one of the most important guitarists in the history of metal, (and arguably the most important in the history of thrash metal) has passed away. This lord of metal the man who penned classics such as Angel of Death, War Ensemble, and RAINING BLOOD is no longer with us and I don't think anyone is quite sure how to react we don't even know the cause of death beyond 'liver failure'. Suffice to say, Reign in Blood was my first Slayer record and also my gateway into truly heavy music. This blog would never have gotten as big as it did if it were not for the true brilliance shown on that album.

When I found out that Hanneman was dead tears started forming in my eyes, and I will freely admit that. Slayer changed my life and helped me through an incredibly dark period when I was preparing to move to France and I had relatives dying left and right. I owe a huge debt to their music which affects my guitar playing and my lifestyle every day. In the summer I wear at least one piece of Slayer merch every day and in the winter I wear two. The very reason I do that died yesterday. People have carved his bands name into their arms, they have gotten tattoos, they've probably made Satanic sacrifices, all because of one great world changing guitarist.

So, I don't really know how to finish this other than to say that millions of metalheads are in mourning today. I'd recommend that you go blast Reign in Blood at maximum volume as many times as possible. (48  times in 24 hours? YES) There isn't much left to say other than that Hanneman is now somewhere writing the greatest collaborative album effort with Chuck Schuldiner and Randy Rhoads. Rest in peace Jeff Hanneman, you have saved, influenced and blessed too many lives to be forgotten.

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