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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eternal Judgment-Fatal Virus

I've long said that my favorite thrash records are those that have a burning power behind them that leaves the listeners ears scalded. This is no less true for the rethrash scene than it is for older groups. Suffice to say, the blazing riffs of Eternal Judgments Fatal Virus are definitely worth checking out. Toss in some interesting time changes and you have a record that explores what thrash metal can be and even pushes the envelope on the genre. A record that shows a band rife with potential this group seem capable of fueling some major changes in the thrash scene.

What reall sets Fatal Virus apart is the rhythm changes. They help to give the music a dizzying variety of atmospheres often all within the same song. For example, the title track makes use of all of the rhythm changes to incorporate some Sound of Perseverance type melody lines in between blazing thrash metal riffs. That's really the best way to describe this EP a scaled back, thrashified Sound of Perseverance. It has a lot of cool ideas and shows that this band can drive thrash to a whole new level of awesome. The only thing it's lacking is a bit of polish, some of the songs could do with tightening (especially some of the longer ones)

To finish, with Fatal Virus Eternal Judgment have the potential to blast apart the scene in a flurry of skilled time changes and fun solos. If you're looking for a record that shows some new ideas in an oft overplayed genre than this is the band for you. Controlled and bubbling with energy the future seems exciting for Eternal Judgment. Suffice to say, these Montreal natives know what they are doing and with a bit more polish they can take their hard hitting sound to the whole world. These guys are packed with potential and I'm excited to see what the future holds for them!

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