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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Chance

And so we have our second pop punk band in a week after a long dearth. And I'm excited to say that this is yet another one who is actually decent. With songs mostly about teenage love their is a certain beauty to The Chance that makes me flash back to a more innocent time (As hard as it may be to believe I was not always a hoary old metalhead) when love was easy and life was more or less perfect. The raw magic of this bands music is in its innocence and joy. Even the sad minor key ballad that is Hey Katie has a certain wondrous pop punk magic to it that leaves the listener with a generally happy impression. I think what helps to make these guys so good is the fact that they're all talented musicians and songwriters so that the end result of their travails is very much worth listening too. One of the things that especially helps to set them apart is the intricate soundscapes that they craft with every song. So if you're looking for glorious and fun pop punk then The Chance is the band for you.

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